January 24, 2013

Not What We Expected

For starters... Pretend you are impressed that it is Thursday and I am actually making some attempt at my mom's post.  And then, while you are at it, pretend you don't notice there are no photos of me this week.  It has not been a photo worthy week for the mom of the house.
I so love Carmella in these striped tights.  The adorable slippers were made by Brianna as a Christmas gift.

If I had to sum this week up it would so be the idea that it is definitely not what we expected it would be.  Sunday and Monday were all about dealing with the well.  Tuesday dawned with sore throats and runny noses.  By Wednesday, six of us were miserable with whatever bug has found its way into our church family.

And by Wednesday night we had cancelled our long planned trip to the south for this weekend to spend a few days in sunshine and sand and most importantly to be part of the wedding celebration of our friends Rick and Barbara.
Last night Brianna and Emma spent two hours in the kitchen making these home made cough drops.  It was a huge mess... the place smelled terrible from the stuff that had boiled over on the stove and the smoke alarm went off a few times.  But they really are delicious and some comfort to those who don't feel so good.

And that was so hard to do!  For months we have talked about it and looked forward to it.  Tuesday Brianna packed the suitcases.  Our rental house was paid for, the gift was ready to go and none of us could wait to see our friends and have a little warm treat in the middle of winter.  But... the idea of 24 hours in the car in 4 days time was a lot to start with and doing it with a bunch of sick people just doesn't seem fun.  We were very blessed by the company we rent our vacation home from who gave us a credit for the full amount.  Standard company policy is no refunds if you end up cancelling your trip.
Love this few of the grape arbor out of the school room window.  That little gold finch nest gives me hope for spring in these dark days.
It has turned very cold here.  It has been in the single digits at night and not above freezing for days.  Which is fine with me.  If it is going to be winter, I am glad to have real winter weather.  I hate the in between weather when it is just damp and dark and dreary but not truly Maryland winter.  The boys keep us well stocked with fire wood and with Allen on the road it is my job to keep the home fires burning.

As we went to bed last night, a very light snow began to fall.  Elisabeth, not feeling well, woke at 3 am and noticed the snow.  She was so excited, she couldn't go back to sleep for some time.  This morning, of course, all the kids wanted to go out and play.  I was thinking, sick kids... cold air... asthma attacks... bad idea.  But they broke me down and went out for a few minutes.

Last week I had these visions of four great school days in a row since it was a rare week when I had no doctor appointments at all.  Ha!  What was I thinking?  If the kids are having a good moment to do school, then I am not up for it.  We've barely made it through the week's worth of work.  Never mind gotten a little extra in like I had thought.  C'est la vie, eh?

And that about sums it up around here.  It is cold... we have a cold... and the coffee maker is still broken.

Until next week,



  1. What's that white stuff on the ground, there? I seem to have distant memories of it... ;)

    1. Yeah, really. Don't you miss the days of long, cold, snowy winters? Miss you dear friend.

  2. So sorry, friend! We had whatever is going around after Christmas, and it is hard to recover from!
    Praying that everyone is healthy, and life is back to normal (whatever that is :-)) soon!

  3. Kat,

    Great job on posting for your mom. :) I hope you all feel better and how disappointing it must have been to cancel your trip. Praise the Lord for getting the full refund and sometimes it's just better to stay home then to add one more giant thing to your list.. like a long trip.