January 17, 2013

Two Weeks

Time sure flies when you are otherwise distracted.  We are already two weeks into the new year and I see on my side bar that I have done a pathetic job of blogging.  I seriously need to get more diligent about taking pictures.  My camera went on the fritz a while ago and I've been using Brianna's.  Not having my camera right with me as I typically do I have almost no photos for the last couple of months.   Instead of a weekly update (like when was the last time I actually got around to doing regular weekly updates) how about a two week update?  The first few weeks of January are always packed with lots of celebrating around here.

Of course there is the New Year celebration.  This is the first time we ever made a fresh ham.

I've never been a huge fan of the cured type of ham usually served in Maryland on New Year's Day but this recipe looked interesting.  It didn't take much preparation but it did take a long time to cook.  It was so much better than anything I have had in the past.  The spiced fruit was a delicious accompaniment but my favorite parts of the meal were the black pepper popovers and the citrus salad with rosemary and cured olives.
 Carmella has taken to climbing up and playing piano the last few weeks.  I love to hear the kids play and I hope she takes to it as her siblings did.
A few years ago the kids bought a box of tinker toys in the thrift store for a dollar or two.  Half the pieces were missing and several have broken since but these are still a favorite toy of every kid in our house.  It is not uncommon to find a bunch of photos of their projects on my camera card.
Last Sunday was a very bad day for me.  No matter what I did I couldn't get my sugar up.  When it is like that there is literally nothing else to do but lie down and eat every 15 or 30 minutes.  It was a long day.  Without energy even to read I watched our church service with Emma who was left home to babysit me.  

On the bright side, both the Ravens and the Redskins were in the playoffs that day.   That doesn't happen often.  As a matter of fact, I don't know if it has ever happened.  We were thrilled to see the Ravens play so well (and for anyone who is keeping score even more excited by last Saturday's game).  It would have been nice to see the Skins move on, too, but you can't have everything.  

That also happened to be the premier of Season Three of Downtown Abbey.  The girls were prepared with chocolate, coffee and Kleenex   I was disappointed they did not actually show Mary and Matthew's wedding and even more disappointed by the rest of the season.  But I won't spoil it for those who didn't watch all the episodes already.  
I strongly urge caution when viewing this series.  (For more information see discussion in the comments of this post).  While over all it is a fun program for mature audiences there are episodes which we do not watch because of situations we do  not consider appropriate.

These blocks, also a cheap thrift store find, are another favorite toy in our house.  As with the tinker toys, I regularly find lots of photos of the kids creations on my camera card.
Carmella is a good sleeper but doesn't often sit still long enough to fall asleep on your shoulder anymore.  Her molars are coming in and she was in a lot of pain for a few days and having trouble napping.  She was so tired one particular morning she fell asleep rocking with Nathaniel.  He was in heaven and spent the rest of the day boasting to everyone how he got to cuddle with sleeping Winnie.
Us bigger people enjoy coffee with our morning study but the younger set have hot cocoa during their Bible study.  Samuel was being artistic with his marshmallows one morning.
Aedan made these Muppet characters out of recycling for Allen's and Nathaniel's birthday celebrations.  As a totally not creative person in the least, I am always amazed at how they come up with these things.
Allen celebrated his 43rd birthday. 

 He wanted to celebrate with a 10K run.  What a difference a year makes!
Emma had a wire break on her braces over the holidays.  Our orthodontist had taken some time off so it was two weeks before it could be repaired.  She was in a lot of pain having everything cinched back into place. Her diet consisted of soup and a lot of milk shakes for a few days.  Doesn't that look beautiful?
One of Carmella's favorite activities while we do school is to take cans out of the pantry....
...and line them up on the steps.  We know she is out of mischief's way as we listen for the thump, thump, thump of soup, olives and tuna.

And there you have it... two Wachter weeks in review!


  1. I am not a fan of ham, but that one looked pretty good! I love that you take pictures of things your kids build and create. I do the same thing. And I'd like to you to know that I think you are VERY creative, in your writing. Everyone has their own creative talants. :) Write when you can; you're good at it. I finally wrote a blog post today. It had been over a month since my last post. Talk about slacking off!

    I've never watched Downton Abbey, but requested the 1st season from the library. I've seen many people talk about it on facebook, so I'm curious. Thanks for the disclaimer though. There have been shows I really enjoyed until they thru in a curve ball that nearly ruined for me. Why does Hollywood have to taint everything?

    Sorry about your bad day last Sunday. :( How much longer do you have to go?

    1. Lisa,

      I highly recommend that ham recipe! It as not like ham at all but like one of the finest pork roasts I have ever experienced. I found it in Bon Appetite and would be glad to share it if you are interested.

      Thank you for your sweet words. Writing is definitely something I enjoy and a great outlet for me.

      Please, please, please read the comments concerning Downtown Abby in this post before viewing. And I would suggest previewing it before deciding whether or not to allow your girls to view it. I ask the same question, "Why must they ruin everything???"

      I have 18 weeks (probably less because 37 weeks is usually the cut off for diabetics) to go. I can not complain, as the Lord gave me almost an entire week where I felt relatively normal. It is but for a short season and on the other end will be something wonderful! Thank you for your continued prayers, sweet friend.



  2. I had asked for the Downtown Abby series for Christmas because you seemed to like it so much and wanted to share with my girls. However I started watching on my own and realized there were inappropriate topics and wad going to ask you about what you thought, my oldest is 12. I however love it but am a bit dissapointed this season also.

  3. Hi, Jenny.

    I saw your email mentioning about getting Downtown Abby for Christmas and I've been wanting to write you. I hesitate mentioning it on my blog because I don't think it's 100 percent OK and I do not want to steer others wrong. Someone recommended the series to us and we started watching it without warning and were taken off guard for sure. She then warned us about the scene with Mary in episode 3 so we didn't have to be a party to it.

    My personal objections...

    I do not care for the homosexual storyline in season 1 episode 1 (which they carry over in episode 7 of Season 3) nor Mary's affair in episode 3 of season 1. There is also an episode in season 2 where Lord G Considers an affair but he does make the right choice. That about put me off the entire series altogether. My opinion of Lord Grantham dropped many notches. However, it did create a great discussion with our girls about how anyone can fall into temptation and how important it is to make your marriage temptation proof. The pity about Downtown Abby is Other than those collective ten minutes it is such a great series. I can't think of enjoying anything as much in a long time. I almost never fall asleep. ☺ However, those things are enough for me to not recommend it to others. We don't view the episodes I mentioned and likewise had forewarning of what was coming in season 3 and chose to steer a wide berth around that bit.

    As for your daughter, I would again recommend strong caution or perhaps skip those episodes altogether. My girls are very well grounded in their belief system. They have studied out such things for themselves in God's word and know where they stand on the issues. I believe them to be more mature than most young people their ages so we feel they are able to make wise choices about such things... Which was they do not care to view it. But I know your daughter is still working through her belief system. If she were my daughter I would not allow her to view those episodes. Of course, on the other hand, it is probably more mild than most of what teens watch today (even Sesame Street pushes homosexuality on our children now) and may not phase anyone else the way it did us. We do not watch television and are very discerning in what videos we view so it was a shock for our gang.

    I personally thought season 3 was a big step down in character development and story line and hate the way it ended. I don't see Downtown Abby lasting after next season.

    And in re to your email... Violet is a hoot! I love when she comes into a scene and think most of her advice wouldn't hurt in the world today. We seriously quote her a lot... Even our youngers who have not, and will not any time soon, seen the program.



  4. Carmella looks so sweet at the piano- arabella loves our piano and I can't play anymore as everytime I try she comes over and wants to play herself! I love carmella playing in the pantry too- bella loves to play in ours and help me cook. Hope all is well with your pregnancy- been thinking of you but just too busy to get online much. Daniel Maximus Adam was born on DEc 27 and we are all well- Bella loves him and isn't the least bit jealous. Such a joy having two little ones :o)