February 4, 2013

3 Day Test

I was looking forward to previewing the latest video from Corbin Bernsen prior to Christmas.  We got an opportunity one evening while Allen was traveling.  The kids and I grabbed some leftovers compliments of our friend, Gosia, and sat down to watch 3 Day Test. 

A bit like Home Alone meets God, the youngers thought this film was hilarious.  They were quoting it before the credits rolled and have brought it up many times since.  Sam named it as one of his favorite movies.  While I didn't find it as intriguing as the children and it definitely was not life shattering cinema, this is still a good choice for family movie night.  The message of the necessity for fathers to get back to a life centered on family and home is one that can not be told enough in today's fatherless society.   If you are looking for a Gospel centered film with a touch of laughter pick this one up for your next movie night.

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