February 5, 2013

one moment, please.

Hello people of the blog world,

This is not Kat (if you haven't already guessed that by now). But this is someone very much like her so that will have to work for now (now I'm sure you know who I am). 

There is a very good reason for this blog hijack. More specifically, today is Chili Pepper's birthday. Forty-one years. I know she doesn't mind me saying because unlike most women, she isn't ashamed. And why should she be? She has led an incredible life and try being forty-one and looking as stunning as she does and then you too can be proud. 

You guys may think you know Kat from reading her blog. But as someone who knows her probably better than anyone in the world (except her husband...now you know one person I am not) I don't believe you do. Because you only hear what she wants you to. Now, with most people this would be scary and you would be wondering what kind of monster or serial killer they are. 
...but not with Kat. She shows you her faults and failures and realness but I think you have to hear it from someone else (hence my presence) to understand her person.

First off, she is incredible. 

Now that that's out in the open we can proceed. 

What most people see when they look at Chili Pepper is the prophet in her. And when I say that I don't mean the kind who predicts the future (although she does predict the ending of all mystery movies with an uncanny accuracy...) but the kind who has the ability to see things other people overlook and is fueled with incredible passion for the Lord. As a prophet, she sees problems all around her that most people wouldn't and attacks them with a furry until perfection is reached. We've all known it and oftentimes it drives us away. But it wouldn't if you know the most profound aspect of this incredible woman: Her heart. 

The passion we all know so well comes from a heart overflowing with love. I have never seen a person love fiercer or with more intensity. And it is this love that causes her heart to break and propels her forward with an unreal energy to solve a problem that she feels will harm someone she loves. 
But she doesn't stop there. She is a scholar. She loves truth and craves it. And not earthly knowledge. You wouldn't believe the time and passion she invests in studying the Word of God. Never have I seen someone love the Bible so much and spend so much time in deep study. Her excitement when she discovers some little truth she never saw before always puts a smile on my face and makes me excited to get in the Word.

I went on a run with her the other day. Now this woman is six months pregnant, for those of you who didn't notice. And she has asthma. And is an insulin dependent diabetic. Yet you should see her endurance racing up those hills! I as a healthy, active person had trouble keeping up with her. But like that bunny with the battery on TV she just keeps going and going and going. And not just with running. She is a storm braver if ever I saw one. She can't stop. It's not in her character. She will push through and will finish and, bet your life on it, whatever she is pursing will be done to perfection. 
She's also an Jersey Italian. 

And loves Downton Abbey.

And food becomes art when she touches it.

And she is a complete kid in Disney World.

And radiates class.

She just keeps getting better, eh?

The other night we were having a discussion and came to the conclusion that by the time baby Henry is born she will have been pregnant for ninety months, give or take a few. Never once have I ever heard her complain. Why? Because she loves and believe in what she's doing. She doesn't have nine kids because of religious reasons or because she want to be different. She has nine kids because she genuinely loves them and each one brings so much joy to her. She is firm and is the model disciplining mother, but when you see her smile at them when she doesn't know anyone is watching, when you see her break down to their urging to read just one more story before bed, when you see the tears she cries when she sees them hurting themselves...you realize how much of a front that is and how hard it is for her to ever deny them anything but does it to herself because it's making them stronger and ready to live the life God has for them.

And in the blog world...well, you guys know that aspect of her pretty well. She's a lifestyle blogger (fabulous job description, no?). I believe she started blogging as a way to empty thoughts from her head and record the life of her family. But since then it has become so much more. It has become a way for her to reach out to mothers. Homeschooling mothers at their ropes end, mothers who are confused about raising their children, and women who are desperate for something deeper in their lives. Every time a reader writes in with a question or prayer request I see her pour so much love, time, emotion and soul into each. She loves them all so dearly and not only has she helped so many I have seen the growth in her and a spark of energy in her eye as she reaches out to each lady. 
If you've read my writing for this long you are a trooper. I feel as though there is so much more I could say but I will keep those thoughts close to my heart and share them with you another time. 

For now, let's hear it for Kat, forty-one and still the hottest mom on the block.

Dearest, best of birthdays and here's to many more years to come.

Ciao, amici miei.

Brianna Wachter...who hasn't made it easy on her and has been probably the most challenging of daughters but loves her dearly and couldn't be prouder to call her my mother.

p.s. *After* I published this Pa emailed this to me and asked me to post it on her blog:

You are the girl who stole my heart and filled it with love. The one who taught me much more than I can ever know. The only one who showed me what true love in person can be. To you my love I pray that God will grant you the desires of your heart this next year. This next year of your life will be a season of change and challenge. I pray for Him to comfort you in times of sorrow, walk with you in times of study and accept your praises in times of utter joy. And may there many days of praising Him this next year. God bless and Happy Birthday! -A


  1. Happy Birthday!!! You have been such an inspiration and encouragement to me and I am so thankful for you friendship! I hope this is an amazing year for you and I can't wait to meet little Henry!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mrs. W!!! You are an inspiration to me and it was a joy to be able to meet you and your family in July.

    (and I agree with Nana... you are incredibly classy. And fabulous. :D)

    I hope that this next year for you is blessed by our precious Savior. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Kat! Your faith and love for your family is truly inspirational. I feel blessed to have been able to get to know you through this wonderful blogosphere and have been touched by your ever encouraging and challenging words. It is pretty clear you are an amazing woman :) Praying this year brings you even more blessings and joy!

    Many hugs,


  4. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Wachter! I pray that your days continue to be blessed countlessly. :)

    {{insert hugs here}}

  5. Stopping by to say hi! I miss you! Also Great post Brianna !:)

    1. Hello, friend.

      So good to see you around here. We miss you all, too! Desperately praying that I can be well soon and rejoin the world of the living. Hugs to you and the girlies!!!