February 1, 2013

Photographs and Pinwheels

As a gift for my upcoming birthday, Allen gave me a new camera.  I am so used to having a point and shoot with me everywhere I go and in everything that I do... I have been so lost these last few months since I killed mine during our trip to Disney.

 Tuesday was a busy day with doctor appointments and errands.  But the weather was near 70 degrees.
 Yeah, that is Maryland weather for you.  9 degrees one day and 70 three days later.  Go figure.  We like the element of surprise.  For the record we woke up to a few inches of snow again this morning.
 After my run, I came home and got Carmella up from her nap.  
 We grabbed the camera headed outside with the kids.
 She is not the easiest child to photograph.
 She was just so excited to be outdoors, I couldn't get her to stay put for even ten seconds.
 But it sure is fun trying.

 Elisabeth is a much easier model.

 Yes, that lollipop is pink, too.

 I love these overalls Kaitlin dolled up for her to wear outdoors.
And I love that unlike Carmella, she tries to put her head exactly where I ask her.  
 But how can one not try to photograph these beautiful round cheeks and that precious nose?

 I had to stop at Joanns that morning to get a few things for various projects the big girls are working on.
 I saw these pinwheels and knew my little girls would love them.
 Carmella ran around the driveway, she won't step in the grass, the whole time swinging hers and blowing on it to make it spin.
 Okay, so really it was Ellie's.  Carmella's is yellow but she preferred the pink.  I love that Elisabeth wants to share everything with her little sis.
 Between her running and me attempting to figure out settings I had a lot of blurry photos.  But that's how life is with Winnie sometimes.  She moves so fast, the world around her is a blur of giggles and kisses.
 I love the winter, but I also love days that hold the promise of spring.  I love being with my kiddos.  I love breathing the fresh air.  I love my pink little camera.  
I love my pinwheel days that are passing by way too fast.

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  1. Carmella's hair is getting so long! Your little girls are so sweet :o) I love that you don't have snow- we have several feet!