February 2, 2013


courageously resolute especially in the face of danger or difficulty : not discouraged.

Last September, when we were on vacation, I received the request to review Undaunted, the story of the early life of Josh McDowell.  I was really torn over doing this one.  Josh McDowell is somewhat of a hero to me.  I love his writings.  He holds so much insight into the word of the Lord.  His book, Evidence That Demands a Verdict is and incredible apologetic every Christian should read.  The chance to know a little more about this man who had given so much to the Lord was definitely an attractive proposition.  On the other hand, I had some knowledge of his life before Christ and I knew it would not be an easy story to hear. I requested a preview copy but put it off for a long time.

Finally, one night in December we popped it in the DVD player and curled up with the girls.  And I was right.  This was such a difficult film to view.  The real life story of abuse and alcoholism and molestation that defined the early years of Mr. McDowell are simply horrific.  And, although none of us could sleep after watching it, I am glad we did.

If the story had ended where it began, I simply couldn't bear it.  But Christ came into the picture.  And Josh gave His life over to the Savior.  What followed was an incredible story of a changed heart, a life sold out for for the Savior and forgiveness beyond human comprehension.

View this one and let it change you.  Let Josh's example show you the love of our Savior in a way that enables you to seek out and forgive those who have hurt you.

One strong word of caution.  I would preview this film before sharing it with your children.  The themes are very difficult and may not be suitable for young people.  On the other hand, it  could  be a great place to open discussion with your young adults.

Thanks to Mr. McDowell, EchoLight Studios and Lovell-Fairchild Communications for the opportunity to share this film with my family and readers.

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