April 29, 2013

The Henry has arrived.

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome...

our little Henry.

(the heart swells with pride at this cuteness)

For details...watch on.

-The Wachter Kids
(all nine of them)

April 28, 2013

So apparently the next post is not announcing Henry but I do have an update.

UPDATE: I'm calling 11. What time do you guys think?

I know, I know. I said the next post on here would be announcing Henry. But that apparently isn't happening because...well, it's a long story but I'll try to give you guys a condensed version.

Friday afternoon Dr. A decided to not induce Mom right away for reasons I'm not going into right now and instead put her on ivs and said they would check the fluid levels again Sunday (today). Yesterday baby had a biophysical and passed with flying colors so we were hopeful that Mom would be able to come home after the fluid test on Sunday. But the test today revealed that the fluid is even lower than Friday. Not good.

I just got back for the hospital and when I was there Dr. E (not from Mom's practice...her doctors will be back on this evening) came by and said she wanted to start the induction. When I left they were moving to her labor and delivery.

So that is where we stand for now. Hopefully by tomorrow we will have some baby news for you!

Mom asked me to share this verse from her Bible study this morning. Can you really get any more timely than that? Don't tell me God doesn't speak today.

"I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me..." Psalm 34:4 (emphasis added)

Keep calm and carry on.


p.s. yes, that keep calm was for me.

p.p.s. the camera is at the hospital so for lack of a more interesting picture here is a rather cute one of the hats Mom, Emma and I crocheted for Henry and/or to donate to the hospital.

April 26, 2013

Henry Update (we're getting close, guys!)

So here's the deal.

(btw, this is Kat's daughter Brianna filling in for her)

Tuesday Mom went to see her perinatal specialist and they did a biophysical. During the sonogram they found the amniotic fluid was measuring 7.5 (it's supposed to be 8). The doctor told Mom to drink about 100+ oz. of water (not even kidding) a day and come back Friday to recheck the fluid level. This was not Mom's regular doctor and because of some other things he said we thought he might be overreacting as it was well within the margin of error (it was only half a point). Nevertheless, we prepared for all eventualities down to changing the appointment for maternity pictures (taken by our very talented friend Susan Schmidt...you can see a preview here.)

Today at Mom's 8:30 appointment when they measured again that fluid level was...4. 

The specialist communicated with Mom's OB who told her to get her suitcase and go to the hospital to be induced. They left sometime around 11 and very little has happened since then except we found out that another OB&GYN practice is going to be on call this weekend so Mom will have a doctor she doesn't know...which as you can imagine Mom is *not* happy about. 

Mom is slightly disappointed (she dreads induction because of our hospitals very high percentage of inductions that end in c-sections), Pa is worried (okay, so we all are), I'm checking my phone every ten second for news and we are all on pins and needles but overall excited that within 48 hours, for better or for worse, the newest little Wachter will have made his entrance into the world.

And now would be a good time to enter the baby poll if you haven't already...after all, now that we're down to only two days you have a pretty good chance of guessing correctly :) My condolences to those who have already entered...but then my guess isn't until 5/7 so there you have it. 

I will be posting updates on my Google+ and stay tuned because next time this little blog is posted on it will be an announcement most exciting. 

UPDATE: Mom said I could use this picture of her...which is much more exciting than the one below and yes, she is awake but doesn't she look rather elegant for someone getting ready to give birth? :)


P.S. So as not to be completely boring and post a post without a picture, for lack of a better picture, here is Henry's data as text to me...points if you know what the numbers mean.

P.P.S. Saying this one more time...Henry is just a nickname and we do not know if he is a boy or girl and Henry will not be his name even if he is a boy. We thought everyone knew that but you wouldn't believe the number of people who have been confused over that. Oh, well. I suppose eventually they will find out :)

Sybil Decides

The latest from 42 Studios.  Sure to be a hit with you Downton Abbey fans.  I swear I do not know where these kids got it from.  But enjoy anyway.

April 25, 2013

Aedan's 10th Birthday

April 18th marked the blooming of the cherry tree which always coincides with Aedan's birthday.  We had a quiet but pleasant celebration.  His one request for the day was to play outdoors, which the kids do everyday.  As it turns out the day started rainy and rather unpleasant for being outdoors but after lunch the sun came around and the kids indeed made their way out for the afternoon.
Another amazing, and super simple, cake idea from Family Fun magazine.  
We had no real theme, just fun lollipop colors to play with.
Emma, and the other kids, are having fun finding new things to make with the cricut.  
And chocolate covered marshmallows are now an official birthday party table centerpiece... because they taste so good, too.  I love these striped paper straws we discovered on Amazon last year.  We have done so many fun things with them and they come in lots of bright colors.
My replacement camera came on that day, so we had some fun trying it out with the birthday boy. I really can't say enough... I love the quality of the photos it takes.  Aedan loves this pink shirt.  Can you guess which of the kids gave it to him?  
He also loves pretending to be an opera singer
And he loves that the cherry tree blooms on his birthday
And pretending to be an angel.  Well, okay... he doesn't actually have to pretend too hard at that one because he really is such a great kid.
Can you tell he was longing to have Hershey's Chocolate cake?  
And, since it was his birthday and all, he got to rock Winnie and read her bedtime stories while the rest of us did his job of cleaning up the dinner dishes.  

Aedan is such a wonderful blessing to our family.  He brings wit and wisdom far beyond his years. He is so responsible and loving to all those around him.  He is constantly looking for ways to share the Gospel and minister to others.  He loves his plants, his chickens, and his fish.  He also loves to garden, swim, read, sing, art, snuggling, and any outdoor activity.  He has a level of respect for his authority that astounds me and his deep desire to always seek out and do the will of God is an example to all of us.  

I had a list of blessings from the family but have managed to misplace it this week.  But let it suffice to say, this family would be less if we did not have the blessing of Aedan Joel.  

Happy birthday, dear son.

April 24, 2013

The Lollipop

The girls made this great birthday cake for Aedan's birthday

Normally we don't let our little ones have sweets until they are both potty trained and old enough to take good care of their teeth.  But Carmella... she's allergic to so many foods... and there is rarely something on the table she can eat that wasn't specially prepared for her... so when the other kids were eating the lollys off of the cake we couldn't resist giving her one.

Eventually she even tasted it.

And its not surprising, she liked it.

I thought it was funny that she would stop licking it to stare at it as if admiring the pretty colors.

Of course, when she was through, she needed to carefully be extracted from the high chair and escorted to the bath tub.  

April 18, 2013

The game is on!

We have been waiting for eight months and now here we are weeks, perhaps days, away from the arrival of our little Henry. (Just in case you do not already know, Henry is my little brother/sister who will very soon be making his way into this big beautiful world.) Excitement is building and I'm pretty sure my mom is getting tired of people panicking and gasping, "Oh my gosh, are you in labor?!" every time she sighs.

But I digress.
It's something of a custom among friends and family that shortly after a new arrival is announced people start placing bets on what gender baby will be, what he will be named and when she or he will arrive. The stakes run high (I bet my dad Carmella would be a girl and was so convinced that I bought a rather pricey, very girly, gown for her before she was born...thankfully, I was right because after putting out the money I would have made her wear it even if she was a boy. That's the kind of sister I am.), we get fiercely passionate and a fun time is had by all. 

When Carmella was on her way we invited you to join us in our little game and you did and you guys were brilliant and a fun time was had by even more. We are much closer to the finish line now than we were when we put out The Winnie Poll but nevertheless, dear friends, you are invited to join us in our little game...

...wait for the awesomely clever name...

The Henry Poll

(Obviously I haven't improved much in my naming skills since oh so brilliantly naming my baby doll "baby doll.")

Before you start guessing away first let me give you a few facts to help you along.

1.) We do not know the gender.

2.) Henry's due date is 5/21 but because of medical complications the doctors will induce labor one week prior to his due date if he is not born by that point.

3.) Henry is just a name for while he is in utero and nothing like his real name. We come up with these cute little names so we don't have to spend nine months referring to him or her by the terribly unclever title of "baby".

Aaannnddd I almost forgot to mention, we also have a little incentive/reward for you guys. The person who guesses the closest will receive...
backdrop, obviously, not included. that was a baby present from a dear friend and when I was looking around for a backdrop it seemed fitting.
Now I'm pretty sure by this point you are confused and thinking I have finally lost it. The truth is, I have finally lost it. But that's irrelevant.

No, this little grouping is not the result of rummaging through the pantry. When discussing this little game (which, btw, I am co-hosting on my blog) we were brainstorming on what we could award the winner with that would be relevant to the pregnancy or associated with Henry. Someone suggested Matt Hammitt's album, Every Falling Tear. This is some of the best, most comforting, raw, real music I have every heard. It has been an encouragement to us all throughout this pregnancy and I cannot think of a more perfect prize.

The other two objects are almost as perfect but it will take some explaining before you understand why. My mom is a type two diabetic and has been for almost ten years. Most of the time she can keep her numbers in perfect balance by diet and exercise. But the hormones of pregnancy throw everything off track and diabetes is no exception. When you have diabetes your body cannot properly utilize carbs and sugars (glucose) and you have to carefully balance the amount of glucose in your blood stream. To prevent the sugar from being too high you take insulin shots. But more scary than the high numbers are the low numbers when there isn't enough glucose in a diabetic's body. When the sugar is low it drops quickly and if the diabetic doesn't consume something quickly there is a great danger of them going into a coma. When the sugar is low, the diabetic becomes disoriented and cannot properly think for themselves. The solution? Get some sugary food into them quickly.

*clears throat*

Did you get all that? Good, because you will be tested on it.

Now we come to the bit where it all makes sense. Since the very first months Kashi granola bars and V8 juice boxes have been strategically placed throughout the house for these low spells. My mom has consumed innumerable amounts of both during hypoglycemic episodes and they have been an instrumental part of this pregnancy. Coincidentally, the Kashi company has come to love us.


I do believe that is everything you need to know. Off you pop and make your guess. Boy, girl? Date? Name? Give it your best shot. Click here to enter!

näna and CP

April 10, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request

Dear Blogging Friends,

Allen and I have just returned from several days in the mountains with no cell service and no internet.  How glorious it was.  I will fill you in soon, I hope.  But today I am here to make an appeal to you.  We have been so blessed to see God answering many of our long term prayer requests in just the last few days.

Baby Taylor, the newborn who has been in NICU pretty much since birth with RSV went home last night.  Go Taylor!!!

As of Sunday the B family are now in China with their son baby J and baby makes 4.  We can not wait to meet this little guy.

Julianne and Brandon are officially engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B, who has been out of work for more than a year started his new job last Thursday.

And the timing of these answered prayers could not be better.  Go God!  We are again reminded that He is listening and He is working in the back ground and He is waiting to answer our prayers in His perfect timing.

And yet, there is one very serious prayer request that continues to weigh very heavily on our hearts.  I have shared only a little here before because this family desires to keep their anonymity.  But I will share as much as I can and hopefully you will be encouraged to join us in raising your voice for the truth and protection of the children involved.

A little history:

At two weeks old baby C was very fussy and his parents took him to the pediatrician.  The Dr. said he had reflux and sent them back home. Being veteran parents with 2 older children, they became increasingly more concerned and took him to the ER as he became fussier still.  The Dr. in the ER said he had a fracture in his leg that could only be caused by child abuse.  The baby was turned over to child protective services.  He has been in foster care ever since.

Baby C has received NO MEDICAL TREATMENT because the local physician continues to cite abuse as the only cause.  Since he has been in foster care he has been diagnosed with two more fractures and yet no one within the Social Service System will even consider the parent's innocence.

Early on, the parents sought the help of specialists in a Children's Hospital in our area.  At first this appeared as if it may prove helpful.  The doctor requested tests for a genetic disorder that could cause this sort of fracture.  When the test came back negative, the specialist too cited child abuse.  The last update I heard was that on that testimony authorities would be removing the older two children from the home and turning them over to foster care as well.

A children's specialist from another state has stepped in as an advocate for the parents.  This Dr. has pointed out that there are a number of disorders that could cause this type of fracture and that the previous Dr. tested for only one.  Furthermore, the mother had a very complicated pregnancy and was given a medication that caused a weakening of her bones.  He has questioned if the same medication could have caused Baby C to have weak bones that could fracture with birth or easily with the day to day routine of a newborn.  And of course there is the question of how the parents could be guilty of abuse and not the foster parents if he has shown 2 more fractures since being out of the parents care.

Emma has a friend who is the same age.  When they were infants Shannon sustained a fracture to her leg.  The doctor too said he had to report it to CPS since this sort of fracture was considered abuse.  Over a long and painful time of fighting CPS and doctors it was discovered that she indeed had a medical condition that was responsible for her brittle bones.  She received treatment and now is healthy and strong.  We watched our friends suffer horribly as even their extended family turned on them.  In the end there were no repercussions for the medical or CPS staff responsible.

When Kaitlin was young, Allen and I were stuck in the grips of this same system when Kaitlin's father turned up wanting custody.  We were charged on the basis of the most ludicrous things you can imagine ranging from our vegetarian diet, homeschooling, our religious beliefs and the fact that she didn't want to wear the jeans her birth father and step mother had purchased for her.  Besides the constant stress of being under scrutiny and not knowing if we would lose our daughter the financial burden was overwhelming.  I can tell you after several years stuck in that system and being drug through the mud we were in the darkest place I think I could ever imagine.  I began to believe all the lies that were being told about us and wondered if I shouldn't just give up custody all together to avoid any more trauma for our children... five by that point.

Baby C's parents are believers with an active ministry and are truly sinking into the pits of discouragement and despair after so many months of attack and watching things go from bad to worse.  Each parent is being charged separately so they must have different attorneys.  Their best hope at this point is that the mother, as full time caregiver, is found guilty.  If she moves out of the family home father, who is more likely to be found innocent, can then recover custody of the children.  They go to trial on May 6th.

Today I appeal to you to join us in praying for this family.  What I'd like to see happen is for you as families and/or as individuals to choose a day between now and May 5th to dedicate to prayer and perhaps fasting on their behalf.  I would love to see each day taken so as to have no lapse in the prayer support this family so desperately needs.  Pray for these parents to hold on to their faith.  Pray for them to feel God's arms holding them up.  Pray for the financial needs that must be astronomical with not one but two attorneys to retain.  Pray for C to receive the diagnosis and medical care he needs.  Pray for the attorneys and physician working on their behalf to have wisdom and discernment.

And on May 6th I ask that each of you mark your calendars and pray for the truth to be established in that court room.  Pray that these parents will be vindicated and that this family will be restored.  Pray for clarity and for the courage of both mother and father.

Please leave a comment, or send an email if you want to be anonymous, and let me know you will be praying and when.  I will post a list of dates on my sidebar so everyone knows what days are filled.  Also, if you desire to send some words of encouragement to this family you can leave them in the comment form or send me a private email.  I will be sure your message gets passed on.

We are told that as the end times grow closer the persecution of God's people will become greater still.  Cutting off the next generation from God's people, and discouraging His workers are two of the main tactics of the enemy and we see them both so clearly in this case.

James 5:16 tells us "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."  Let's raise our voices to let the deceiver know we do not intend to let him win this one.

April 8, 2013

April 1, 2013

April Fool's Day

Don't be pregnant

In a house full of jokers
on April Fool's Day