April 25, 2013

Aedan's 10th Birthday

April 18th marked the blooming of the cherry tree which always coincides with Aedan's birthday.  We had a quiet but pleasant celebration.  His one request for the day was to play outdoors, which the kids do everyday.  As it turns out the day started rainy and rather unpleasant for being outdoors but after lunch the sun came around and the kids indeed made their way out for the afternoon.
Another amazing, and super simple, cake idea from Family Fun magazine.  
We had no real theme, just fun lollipop colors to play with.
Emma, and the other kids, are having fun finding new things to make with the cricut.  
And chocolate covered marshmallows are now an official birthday party table centerpiece... because they taste so good, too.  I love these striped paper straws we discovered on Amazon last year.  We have done so many fun things with them and they come in lots of bright colors.
My replacement camera came on that day, so we had some fun trying it out with the birthday boy. I really can't say enough... I love the quality of the photos it takes.  Aedan loves this pink shirt.  Can you guess which of the kids gave it to him?  
He also loves pretending to be an opera singer
And he loves that the cherry tree blooms on his birthday
And pretending to be an angel.  Well, okay... he doesn't actually have to pretend too hard at that one because he really is such a great kid.
Can you tell he was longing to have Hershey's Chocolate cake?  
And, since it was his birthday and all, he got to rock Winnie and read her bedtime stories while the rest of us did his job of cleaning up the dinner dishes.  

Aedan is such a wonderful blessing to our family.  He brings wit and wisdom far beyond his years. He is so responsible and loving to all those around him.  He is constantly looking for ways to share the Gospel and minister to others.  He loves his plants, his chickens, and his fish.  He also loves to garden, swim, read, sing, art, snuggling, and any outdoor activity.  He has a level of respect for his authority that astounds me and his deep desire to always seek out and do the will of God is an example to all of us.  

I had a list of blessings from the family but have managed to misplace it this week.  But let it suffice to say, this family would be less if we did not have the blessing of Aedan Joel.  

Happy birthday, dear son.


  1. Happy Birthday Aedan! I hope you had a great day celebrating! Your sisters made an incredible cake for you - and it looks delicious too!

  2. A belated happy birthday to Aedan! :) And I would guess Brianna bought the pink shirt for him?!

  3. Happy birthday Aedan! You really are a blessing to us all!
    Love ya! Emma

  4. Your girls did a fine work with that cake! Looks delicious, too. Happy 10th to Aedan (belated)!