April 26, 2013

Henry Update (we're getting close, guys!)

So here's the deal.

(btw, this is Kat's daughter Brianna filling in for her)

Tuesday Mom went to see her perinatal specialist and they did a biophysical. During the sonogram they found the amniotic fluid was measuring 7.5 (it's supposed to be 8). The doctor told Mom to drink about 100+ oz. of water (not even kidding) a day and come back Friday to recheck the fluid level. This was not Mom's regular doctor and because of some other things he said we thought he might be overreacting as it was well within the margin of error (it was only half a point). Nevertheless, we prepared for all eventualities down to changing the appointment for maternity pictures (taken by our very talented friend Susan Schmidt...you can see a preview here.)

Today at Mom's 8:30 appointment when they measured again that fluid level was...4. 

The specialist communicated with Mom's OB who told her to get her suitcase and go to the hospital to be induced. They left sometime around 11 and very little has happened since then except we found out that another OB&GYN practice is going to be on call this weekend so Mom will have a doctor she doesn't know...which as you can imagine Mom is *not* happy about. 

Mom is slightly disappointed (she dreads induction because of our hospitals very high percentage of inductions that end in c-sections), Pa is worried (okay, so we all are), I'm checking my phone every ten second for news and we are all on pins and needles but overall excited that within 48 hours, for better or for worse, the newest little Wachter will have made his entrance into the world.

And now would be a good time to enter the baby poll if you haven't already...after all, now that we're down to only two days you have a pretty good chance of guessing correctly :) My condolences to those who have already entered...but then my guess isn't until 5/7 so there you have it. 

I will be posting updates on my Google+ and stay tuned because next time this little blog is posted on it will be an announcement most exciting. 

UPDATE: Mom said I could use this picture of her...which is much more exciting than the one below and yes, she is awake but doesn't she look rather elegant for someone getting ready to give birth? :)


P.S. So as not to be completely boring and post a post without a picture, for lack of a better picture, here is Henry's data as text to me...points if you know what the numbers mean.

P.P.S. Saying this one more time...Henry is just a nickname and we do not know if he is a boy or girl and Henry will not be his name even if he is a boy. We thought everyone knew that but you wouldn't believe the number of people who have been confused over that. Oh, well. I suppose eventually they will find out :)


  1. We're all on pins and needles down here as well, waiting for the newest update! I can't believe we're approaching Henry's arrival at such a rapid rate! Winnie's birth seems no more than a few months ago. O_o I'll be keeping a good eye on Google+ for the next 24 hours or so . . .

    Praying for you all!

    Much love,

    P.S. How does your mama always manage to look beautiful, no matter the situation?

    1. It's a natural thing to her. Mama's always tried to look her best. She says she doesn't feel dressed until she's done her hair and makeup...She give Cora Crawley a run for her money for "best-put-together" and "most-gorgeous-no-matter-what". :)

      Love ya, Mom!

  2. Ahhhh! We're praying! Thanks for keeping us updated!