April 18, 2013

The game is on!

We have been waiting for eight months and now here we are weeks, perhaps days, away from the arrival of our little Henry. (Just in case you do not already know, Henry is my little brother/sister who will very soon be making his way into this big beautiful world.) Excitement is building and I'm pretty sure my mom is getting tired of people panicking and gasping, "Oh my gosh, are you in labor?!" every time she sighs.

But I digress.
It's something of a custom among friends and family that shortly after a new arrival is announced people start placing bets on what gender baby will be, what he will be named and when she or he will arrive. The stakes run high (I bet my dad Carmella would be a girl and was so convinced that I bought a rather pricey, very girly, gown for her before she was born...thankfully, I was right because after putting out the money I would have made her wear it even if she was a boy. That's the kind of sister I am.), we get fiercely passionate and a fun time is had by all. 

When Carmella was on her way we invited you to join us in our little game and you did and you guys were brilliant and a fun time was had by even more. We are much closer to the finish line now than we were when we put out The Winnie Poll but nevertheless, dear friends, you are invited to join us in our little game...

...wait for the awesomely clever name...

The Henry Poll

(Obviously I haven't improved much in my naming skills since oh so brilliantly naming my baby doll "baby doll.")

Before you start guessing away first let me give you a few facts to help you along.

1.) We do not know the gender.

2.) Henry's due date is 5/21 but because of medical complications the doctors will induce labor one week prior to his due date if he is not born by that point.

3.) Henry is just a name for while he is in utero and nothing like his real name. We come up with these cute little names so we don't have to spend nine months referring to him or her by the terribly unclever title of "baby".

Aaannnddd I almost forgot to mention, we also have a little incentive/reward for you guys. The person who guesses the closest will receive...
backdrop, obviously, not included. that was a baby present from a dear friend and when I was looking around for a backdrop it seemed fitting.
Now I'm pretty sure by this point you are confused and thinking I have finally lost it. The truth is, I have finally lost it. But that's irrelevant.

No, this little grouping is not the result of rummaging through the pantry. When discussing this little game (which, btw, I am co-hosting on my blog) we were brainstorming on what we could award the winner with that would be relevant to the pregnancy or associated with Henry. Someone suggested Matt Hammitt's album, Every Falling Tear. This is some of the best, most comforting, raw, real music I have every heard. It has been an encouragement to us all throughout this pregnancy and I cannot think of a more perfect prize.

The other two objects are almost as perfect but it will take some explaining before you understand why. My mom is a type two diabetic and has been for almost ten years. Most of the time she can keep her numbers in perfect balance by diet and exercise. But the hormones of pregnancy throw everything off track and diabetes is no exception. When you have diabetes your body cannot properly utilize carbs and sugars (glucose) and you have to carefully balance the amount of glucose in your blood stream. To prevent the sugar from being too high you take insulin shots. But more scary than the high numbers are the low numbers when there isn't enough glucose in a diabetic's body. When the sugar is low it drops quickly and if the diabetic doesn't consume something quickly there is a great danger of them going into a coma. When the sugar is low, the diabetic becomes disoriented and cannot properly think for themselves. The solution? Get some sugary food into them quickly.

*clears throat*

Did you get all that? Good, because you will be tested on it.

Now we come to the bit where it all makes sense. Since the very first months Kashi granola bars and V8 juice boxes have been strategically placed throughout the house for these low spells. My mom has consumed innumerable amounts of both during hypoglycemic episodes and they have been an instrumental part of this pregnancy. Coincidentally, the Kashi company has come to love us.


I do believe that is everything you need to know. Off you pop and make your guess. Boy, girl? Date? Name? Give it your best shot. Click here to enter!

näna and CP

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