April 29, 2013

The Henry has arrived.

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome...

our little Henry.

(the heart swells with pride at this cuteness)

For details...watch on.

-The Wachter Kids
(all nine of them)


  1. The time is now, the day is here!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist. :P There's a Les Mis quote for everything, right?

    Congratulations, Wachter family!!! *dances a happy jig* I wish I could shower you all with hugs and congratulations in person, but the distance between our respective states sadly prevents that. Know that our whole family is rejoicing with you at little Addison's healthy birth, and we can't wait for the day when we'll get to meet him in person!

    Much love,
    Elizabeth Rose

    P.S. Need I mention that my favorite part of the video was Carmella's moment in the limelight? That girl is too adorable. ♥

  2. Congratulations, Wachters!!! I am so happy for you, and he is adorable!

  3. WOOO HOO!!!
    So excited for you!! Congratulations!!!
    And what a great way to introduce him!!!

    Blessings Blessings Blessings!!

  4. Darcie (http://www.blogger.com/profile/13433894747049535179) wrote this note but I accidentally pushed the wrong button when moderating and instead of publishing it I deleted it! Thankfully I still had the email and didn't loose it for good.

    "Congratulations to one very special family...the Wacthers!!! Happy Day!"

  5. Congratulations! He is precious!!! Love the video :)