April 10, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request

Dear Blogging Friends,

Allen and I have just returned from several days in the mountains with no cell service and no internet.  How glorious it was.  I will fill you in soon, I hope.  But today I am here to make an appeal to you.  We have been so blessed to see God answering many of our long term prayer requests in just the last few days.

Baby Taylor, the newborn who has been in NICU pretty much since birth with RSV went home last night.  Go Taylor!!!

As of Sunday the B family are now in China with their son baby J and baby makes 4.  We can not wait to meet this little guy.

Julianne and Brandon are officially engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B, who has been out of work for more than a year started his new job last Thursday.

And the timing of these answered prayers could not be better.  Go God!  We are again reminded that He is listening and He is working in the back ground and He is waiting to answer our prayers in His perfect timing.

And yet, there is one very serious prayer request that continues to weigh very heavily on our hearts.  I have shared only a little here before because this family desires to keep their anonymity.  But I will share as much as I can and hopefully you will be encouraged to join us in raising your voice for the truth and protection of the children involved.

A little history:

At two weeks old baby C was very fussy and his parents took him to the pediatrician.  The Dr. said he had reflux and sent them back home. Being veteran parents with 2 older children, they became increasingly more concerned and took him to the ER as he became fussier still.  The Dr. in the ER said he had a fracture in his leg that could only be caused by child abuse.  The baby was turned over to child protective services.  He has been in foster care ever since.

Baby C has received NO MEDICAL TREATMENT because the local physician continues to cite abuse as the only cause.  Since he has been in foster care he has been diagnosed with two more fractures and yet no one within the Social Service System will even consider the parent's innocence.

Early on, the parents sought the help of specialists in a Children's Hospital in our area.  At first this appeared as if it may prove helpful.  The doctor requested tests for a genetic disorder that could cause this sort of fracture.  When the test came back negative, the specialist too cited child abuse.  The last update I heard was that on that testimony authorities would be removing the older two children from the home and turning them over to foster care as well.

A children's specialist from another state has stepped in as an advocate for the parents.  This Dr. has pointed out that there are a number of disorders that could cause this type of fracture and that the previous Dr. tested for only one.  Furthermore, the mother had a very complicated pregnancy and was given a medication that caused a weakening of her bones.  He has questioned if the same medication could have caused Baby C to have weak bones that could fracture with birth or easily with the day to day routine of a newborn.  And of course there is the question of how the parents could be guilty of abuse and not the foster parents if he has shown 2 more fractures since being out of the parents care.

Emma has a friend who is the same age.  When they were infants Shannon sustained a fracture to her leg.  The doctor too said he had to report it to CPS since this sort of fracture was considered abuse.  Over a long and painful time of fighting CPS and doctors it was discovered that she indeed had a medical condition that was responsible for her brittle bones.  She received treatment and now is healthy and strong.  We watched our friends suffer horribly as even their extended family turned on them.  In the end there were no repercussions for the medical or CPS staff responsible.

When Kaitlin was young, Allen and I were stuck in the grips of this same system when Kaitlin's father turned up wanting custody.  We were charged on the basis of the most ludicrous things you can imagine ranging from our vegetarian diet, homeschooling, our religious beliefs and the fact that she didn't want to wear the jeans her birth father and step mother had purchased for her.  Besides the constant stress of being under scrutiny and not knowing if we would lose our daughter the financial burden was overwhelming.  I can tell you after several years stuck in that system and being drug through the mud we were in the darkest place I think I could ever imagine.  I began to believe all the lies that were being told about us and wondered if I shouldn't just give up custody all together to avoid any more trauma for our children... five by that point.

Baby C's parents are believers with an active ministry and are truly sinking into the pits of discouragement and despair after so many months of attack and watching things go from bad to worse.  Each parent is being charged separately so they must have different attorneys.  Their best hope at this point is that the mother, as full time caregiver, is found guilty.  If she moves out of the family home father, who is more likely to be found innocent, can then recover custody of the children.  They go to trial on May 6th.

Today I appeal to you to join us in praying for this family.  What I'd like to see happen is for you as families and/or as individuals to choose a day between now and May 5th to dedicate to prayer and perhaps fasting on their behalf.  I would love to see each day taken so as to have no lapse in the prayer support this family so desperately needs.  Pray for these parents to hold on to their faith.  Pray for them to feel God's arms holding them up.  Pray for the financial needs that must be astronomical with not one but two attorneys to retain.  Pray for C to receive the diagnosis and medical care he needs.  Pray for the attorneys and physician working on their behalf to have wisdom and discernment.

And on May 6th I ask that each of you mark your calendars and pray for the truth to be established in that court room.  Pray that these parents will be vindicated and that this family will be restored.  Pray for clarity and for the courage of both mother and father.

Please leave a comment, or send an email if you want to be anonymous, and let me know you will be praying and when.  I will post a list of dates on my sidebar so everyone knows what days are filled.  Also, if you desire to send some words of encouragement to this family you can leave them in the comment form or send me a private email.  I will be sure your message gets passed on.

We are told that as the end times grow closer the persecution of God's people will become greater still.  Cutting off the next generation from God's people, and discouraging His workers are two of the main tactics of the enemy and we see them both so clearly in this case.

James 5:16 tells us "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."  Let's raise our voices to let the deceiver know we do not intend to let him win this one.


  1. Kat,

    I am so sorry that people have to endure the kinds of things these poor parents are. I guess in light of all the cases of child abuse that goes un-reported, some feel the need to treat people as guilty instead of going with all the facts first. I join you in the efforts to keep this family near and dear to God's heart and whatever the outcome, I know God will continue to be by their side always.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

    1. Kat,

      Thanks so much! I knew I could count on you. Please spread the word. I know God is going to do something mighty with this and I can't wait to see what it is.