May 4, 2013

Addison Grant

Last week this was our view of baby Henry.
photo by Susan Schmidt Photography
But this week it's a little different.
We asked you a few weeks ago to guess when this little boy would be born, what his name would be, what he (or she) would be and who he would grow up to be. Your guesses were so much fun to read. Before we announce who won I want to share a few of our favorites.

Favorite names (and closest to what we would actually use), entered by Lisa. Her names: Jackson and Genevieve

The answer to "What will Henry be when he grow up?" were by far the most fun. A few that had us laughing out loud or were just so well thought through:

Terri R - She will be a queen -silly people that is what all princesses grow up to be.
Joanna B - A heart surgeon
Elizabeth Rose - An Italian coffee addict
Bethany W - A dietitian for diabetes
Kate F - A physicist

(Btw, Kate F, we have started calling him the little physicist and are convinced by his ohsosomberandwise personality that a physicist is exactly what he will it's just fun to say.)

But the closest date is what we were looking for and for that the winner is...

Ann P who guessed April 30.

Well done, Ann (and thank you for your lovely note in your entry). If you email us your address ( we will have it sent your way.

As for baby Addison, every expression, movement, sound, of this little boy is met with oooos and ahhhh from his ten biggest fans always standing over him, admiring his overwhelming preciousness. I think Addison's father is the only one in the world who wishes his baby wouldn't sleep through the night so he has an excuse to feed and cuddle him. Rarely does he get to nap in his bed because who wants to waste valuable cuddle time?

And now I'm off. There is a precious little baby I'd rather be snuggling.

Until next time...


  1. He is beyond adorable. and I love his name! I met a guy in Target who named his son Tobias Rex, so that he could call him T-Rex, the dad's favorite dinosaur...reminded me of Allan wanting the name Luke Sky. Hilarious.

  2. Kat~
    What a beautiful post. So very happy for you all. Sounds like Addison has come into a very happy and blessed family.
    Looking forward to hearing more about him and the rest of the family.

  3. Congratulations, he is a sweetie! And I love the family picture. Enjoy the newborn cuddles, as you know well, they end all too fast!!!

  4. I love the creativity of your family, and always enjoy looking at all the beautiful pictures. What a blessing! Congratulations again.