May 29, 2013

And in Other Wachter News

Now that I finally got Henry pictures up, I thought it was long past time for an update on the general Wachter news.  A lot has really happened since my last photo post.  Actually, when I looked back I realized it's been more than two months.  Eeek!  A quick look at April.  May update to follow... hopefully.
We had some friends come for a day and the boys spent the rainy day building domino effects.  Click the arrow and it will play for you.
The first week of April we had some very hot and humid days.  Our pool was not yet open for the season so the kids dragged out the pink baby pool and spent and entire day cooling off in it.  Like our other kids, Carmella is a serious pool girl.  She will even abandon shoes to run to the pool.
And then there were the birds.  All five of the eggs hatched and were doing well.  Which is rather unusual.  Typically, there are some that will never hatch.  Anyway, the two youngest died while Allen and I were in the mountains.  The three remaining birds were named Wynken, Blynken and Nod.  They were doing beautiful... growing big and attempting to fly.  The morning before I was admitted to the hospital, when the birds were about 4 weeks old,  we woke up to a crazy racket.  The mother bird was attacking the oldest bird wildly.  He was literally covered in blood from where the mother had pecked him.  We did what we could but there was really nothing to do for him at that point so we kept him warm and comfortable until he died a few hours later.

We separated the mother to another cage so she wouldn't hurt anyone else.  According to google sometimes the mothers snap like that.  It was crazy and yucky.  She has moved into another home with an elderly lady where she will be a single bird.  So with the ones that died and the one we gave away, we ended up breaking even on the bird front.  We were all amazed at how fast they grow.  By 6 weeks, when they are old enough to separate from their parents, these guys were indistinguishable from full grown birds.  It's kind of neat to see our dumb father bird act as the single parent to the babies after we had to remove the mother.  He fed them and taught them to perch and fly and everything.  
OK... and I am amazed that Elisabeth can sleep this way.  More mornings than not I find her on the floor asleep.

And I love these over dolled overalls Kaitlin has been making for Ellie from Sam's outgrown overalls.  So cute for a little girl who wants to wear her dresses while climbing trees with the boys.

Carmella loved Ellie's sparkly pink shoes so much, we finally got her a pair of her own.  I love eBay.  $2 for a pair of shoes that looked brand new.  She has since outgrown those and at not even 2 years old she is on her second pair of pink sparkly shoes.  

The neighbor who got the boys started on chickens has become very interested in our square foot garden.  The kids spent some time one afternoon helping him get his own started.

One of Aedan's Lego creations from the new set he got for his birthday.  I don't know who likes them more.  Allen and the boys will sit up until 10:00 building things.
Carmella loves bags, and shoes and sunglasses.  So much so, she even wears them to bed sometimes.  She always puts them on upside down.  

The boys were so excited to welcome Henry into their club.  The day after we brought him home they went shopping with Allen to pick out an outfit to match them.  They settled on this sleeper because the colors match the older boys and the dinosaurs match Sam's pjs.  

My little gardeners.  With us so busy and distracted by other things, the boys have almost exclusively tended the garden.  They spend hours pouring over gardening catalogs, books and magazines.  They are amazing.  The garden looks better than all the years that Allen and I tended it.
So, there you have it.  April in a nutshell.  Hopefully, I will move on to May shortly.

Until next time,


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