May 18, 2013

Baby C Update

I apologize for not getting this update to you sooner.  Life is complicated for us right now and my best intentions aren't getting things done as timely as I would like.

A big thank you for all those who joined in prayer and fasting for Baby C and his family.  Last Wednesday we received the wonderful news that he will be returned to his parents by July 3rd.  I am afraid I can not share the details with you, because quite frankly, I just don't understand all the legal end of it.  But my husband explained it as the state needed a way to save face by returning the child without admitting they made one huge whopping error.  

Regardless, God has answered our prayers and this family will soon be fully restored.  We thank God for giving us the opportunity to seek Him on behalf of our brethren.  I urge each of you to hug your children a little tighter tonight and enjoy each moment with them because we never know how many we will have.  

And because I hate to post without a photo and I can't share a photo of this family here is a completely random but great photo from my camera.
A few days before Addison was born my girl friend came to take photos of our family and maternity photos.  All the flowers were on the cherry tree and it was a stunning back drop.  The day after we brought him home there was a big storm and all the flowers blew off.  The next day was sunny and gorgeous.  Elisabeth, Carmella, Addison and I were playing under the cherry tree and I was snapping photos.  Ellie said we should lay him in the petals and take his picture.  And I did.  Not sure how much our man liked it, but I think they came out beautiful.  



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