May 15, 2013

Beautiful Boy, Beautiful Heart

So today we made the early morning trek to Children's Hospital to see Henry's Cardiologist.  Dr.  Martin and his staff were simply amazing.  I can not say enough how impressed I was by the level of care, the way they treated Addison and the way they treated us.
Henry had no worries but he sure looked cute in his little hospital gown.
He weighed in at a beautiful 7.04
So this looks way more intimidating than it really was.  Lots of wires and stuff but he didn't mind it in the least bit.  I was a little disturbed that I had just spent an hour trying to get him to wake up and nurse and he had no problem opening his eyes when they strapped him in.  ☺
After the EKG he had an echocardiogram which showed our beautiful perfect boy has a beautiful perfect heart.  He has something called a Patent Foramen Ovale, or PFO for short.  That just means that the separation between his atrium that is supposed to open wide at birth is not open very wide.  However, the doctor assures us this is of no concern at all now or in adulthood.  Dr. Martin stressed that it is in no way related to his turning blue while eating.  Addison will be rechecked in a year to make sure it has opened properly.  Although, I am not sure exactly why if it doesn't affect his health at all.
We sat in the doctors exam room for a long time just breathing the breath we've been holding for five months and smiling at our boy who once again has somehow beaten the odds.  God is so good to us!

We celebrated with a coffee/chocolate milkshake.  Yeah, it was really good.  And so not on either of our diets.  But sometimes you have to break the rules.


  1. PRAISE GOD!!! I have been checking in regularly to see if there was an update, and I am so thrilled to be reading this!
    How did you like Dr. Martin?

  2. Praise the Lord!!! SUCH exciting and wonderful news!!

  3. Congratulations on baby Addison Grant! I am just now getting the blessed news. I'm so happy that all is well and he is a beautiful, healthy, happy baby boy! Praise God for His abundant blessings.


  4. Praising God! And yes, sometimes you just have to break the rules. :)