May 30, 2013

Early Morning Light

This morning Allen left early to make the four hour trip to southern Virginia for meetings with customers.  
I typically wake at the slightest sound.  I think this last month I must be catching up on all the sleep I missed during my pregnancy.   I go to sleep at midnight and don't hear a thing until morning.  Even Allen getting up.  
But I did hear his alarm this morning at 5:30.  Well, sort of.  Do you ever hear a noise and it becomes part of your dream?  Allen was long since out of bed so who knows how long that phone was ringing before I realized it was an alarm.   I got up, turned it off and crawled back into bed. 
As much as I wanted to, I couldn't go back to sleep.  So I started thinking of all the things I could do.  It's been very hot here the last few days, so I settled on getting my run in before the sun got too high.
No sooner had I climbed out of bed than I heard Addison.  Which is odd, especially at that hour of the morning.  I usually have to wake him at 7 to eat.  When I got to his bed he was raspy and I didn't like the way he was breathing at all.  So I picked him up and we played and he ate.  I wanted to keep an ear on his breathing for a little while before I laid him back down.  
The light outside was so beautiful.  I love the early morning light.  It is my very favorite part of the day.  I love the summers when it is warm enough to be out early in the day.  I think this is what the light will be like in Heaven.
So we grabbed the girls, and a blanket and some books and headed to the secret garden for a spell.
We read.  
And snuggled. 

And laughed.  And Carmella even cried for a minute but we don't really know why.
And Brianna brought the camera.
Henry has the biggest feet of any baby I have ever seen.  We have been marveling over them since he was born.  The one on the left is his.  The one on the right is Carmella's.  See what I mean?
He has big beautiful blue eyes, too.
And the most darling ears.
I love when he sucks his thumb.  He's been doing it since his first sonogram at 9 weeks.  
So feet are too cute to pass up
So it looks like Elisabeth will have big feet, too.  At least big compared to mine.
They are nice in black and white, also.  
Carmella has the best giggles in the world.  When she laughs, she laughs with her whole body and you can not help but smile, too.
I can not think of a better place to be than here with these precious ones.  I am so grateful that the Lord has given me a few more years with a gaggle of youngers by my side.


  1. SO beautiful!!
    I just love the feet picture. Addison has grown since I saw him! Can't wait to see him and all of you again. :)

  2. What precious photos! It's sometimes hard for me to drag myself out of bed at an early hour, but once I'm up, I never regret it . . . especially in the summer. :)

    — Elizabeth Rose

  3. Beautiful photos! I love early mornings too. We have got the Snuggle Puppy book from the library before :o). Love Elisabeth's hair and Carmella's piggytails!

  4. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos, my friend! What a precious family!


  5. Wow!! This post is just beautiful and the photos are stunning. <3