May 25, 2013

Henry... One Month Old

I know I have been slow to post photos of the newest Wachter.  This post will make up for it by containing more photos of him than you ever cared to see.  The problem is he is so beautiful that every ten seconds someone is taking his picture.  It is so hard to narrow it down to just a few!

One  night Allen put Henry in Carmella's crib while he was putting her PJs on.  Only she thought it was so neat to have baby in there she wanted in also and didn't want to come back out.  She even shared her back up "Olivias" with him.

One week check up with Dr. H who wants to know if we are going to even it up.

There is always someone waiting to hold this fellow.

Rocking Henry is another favorite past time

Aedan rises early like me so he usually gets to hold Addison more than the rest

After one of his million blood draws

Don't know who took this or why but I love the look on his face as he salutes his fans

And well... that's just too cute

Bad picture but great moment.  When my girl friend came to do Henry's photo shoot is was a rather nasty day.  All his "girls"  stood around holding sheets and stuff to try to maximize the light and minimize the background clutter.  I mean, really, it's going to be a tough life... this little guy in the middle of all these people surrounding him waiting to do whatever is necessary for the Prince.

Carmella thinks Henry is just a live baby doll for her.  You rarely see these three apart if it is not nap time.

Singing the Old Rugged Cross

Yeah, it took five of us to put his foot and hand prints in his baby book

Did I mention there is always someone to play with Henry?

And sometimes I might go to get him up and find my baby has been snatched from his bed

Emma and Grace spent hours upon hours dressing Elisabeth and Carmella up when they were babies.  Henry is a happy victim

On a nice day he joined all the kids under the cherry tree while I made a picnic for lunch

If he is awake at meal time, Pa gets to hold him all through dinner

Anytime during the day you can find this duo hanging out by his bed

Or enriching his mind

And... well, I LOVE baby feet!

I can not believe how much he can scoot about already.  One afternoon when I went to get Addison up from his nap he had flipped and turned himself into this position.

And he is doing an incredible job of lifting his head.

You can see it better from this angle

And there are the baby snatchers, at it again.  


  1. How can Henry be one month old already?! He looks so healthy and radiant in the arms of his family, and it warms my heart to see how much you all adore him. You guys are bringing fresh fulfillment to Jesus' promise in John 13:35, "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another."

    Much love to you all!

    — Elizabeth Rose

  2. So cute! I love newborns :o) Can't believe he is a month already!!

  3. Congratulations on your newest blessing. I really enjoy your blog. I am expecting our 9th Blessing. I am having Preterm Labor and pray it stops. When our new Baby Boy gets here, I will want to hold him constantly too, as will everyone else. They are made for snuggling. You have a beautiful family. Addison is an Amazing gift from God. Many Blessings,