May 19, 2013

Prayer and Celebration

The girls and some girl friends of mine wanted to have a shower for Henry.  But neither he nor I needed anything so I wasn't wanting to have a typical baby shower.  Instead, a friend of ours, together with my girls, put together a time of prayer and celebration in his honor.  
The girls spent and entire Saturday hand making each invitation

As it turns out this April 25th was the last chance I would have to be with friends since the next morning I was admitted to the hospital.  Everyone had a little bite to eat and some delicious cupcakes made by another girl friend and lots of chatting.  

As a matter of fact, we chatted so much, no one took photos after we first arrived and Gosia finished setting up tables.  Everything was so beautiful and it was really just a special time of fellowship for me after being isolated for so many months.  With or without photos, I didn't want this special time to go un-noted in my online scrapbook. 
 The floral arrangements Gosia put together were simply elegant.  I am trying to figure out how we can work some of her genius into Brianna's upcoming graduation ceremony.  Her choice of colors were so far from anything I would have chosen myself, but they popped beautifully!
The girls made a ton of these favors, which came in handy when hypoglycemia set in later.  ☺
 My favorite part of the whole event were the prayer cards.  Gosia took special verses that had been encouraging to me throughout my pregnancy and put them on these beautiful prayer cards.  She had them at each table with specific prayer needs for our boy so that guests could take them home and focus prayer on that area of his life.  Some of the verses included Henry's verse Luke 8:50 and my verse for 2013, Isaiah 40:31.
 Elisabeth is my Martha Stewart in the making.  The evening before the shower she asked how many people were coming.  When I asked her why she said she wanted to make favors for everyone.  She sat up until after 10:00 with Emma's Cricut cutting out these little hearts.  How sweet is that?
It was a wonderful way to spend an evening with some very special ladies and I am so grateful that Gosia and the girls gave me a nudge to go along with it.

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  1. Hi Kat~
    I've been sitting here catching up on all your recent blog posts.
    So happy to read and see that everything is going so well.
    You have a beautiful family and the new addition is so adorable!!