May 11, 2013

The Bag Lady

Carmella loves bags.  Any sort makes her happy.  When she sees a bag she will squeal "BAG!" and put it on her arm.  She isn't very discerning.  Walmart, Target or grocery store bag.  They are all good.  Paper or plastic.  Those make her smile, too.  But what she especially loves are pink bags.

 She has three favorites that she will tote around with her all day.  As the day progresses she adds more and more trinkets to the bag of the day.  If she should set her bag down and forget where she left it, she will wander from room to room saying, "BAG?"  until she finds it.
One day I guess she couldn't decide on a bag because she carried three with her all day long.  One filled with princess dolls.  One with crayons and coloring books.  And one with plastic Easter eggs filled with yogurt covered raisins and almonds.
 Not even two and already she knows the importance of being prepared for any girlie emergency.


  1. Oh my, she is hilarious! I bought Arabella a pink bag last week and she is very attached to it. She walks around the house all day carrying her bag and one or more 'bubbies' (dolls or stuffed toys). Of course they have to come with us when we go out, too. She would be envious if she knew Carmella had THREE!! ;o)

  2. This is too adorable. :D Goodness, I love Carmella and all of you! Thank you for sharing these pictures, Mrs. W. they made me smile. :)

    God bless!

  3. She is so very precious. I love the one of her looking up with her hat and matching coat on. She's just beautiful!