May 18, 2013

The Littlest Big Sister

Carmella is such a good big sister.  She adores Henry in a way that seems far beyond her years.  Whenever she hears the word baby Carmella starts looking around for the fellow while she says, "Awww."  She is so gentle patting his head and giving him kisses.  We taught her not to kiss or touch his hands or face so as to not spread germs.  And she will not even put one finger on either.

Her favorite hand out these days is beside his bassinet.  If she wanders off you can bet that's where she will be.  Looking something like this.

And I promise Henry pictures and updates are forthcoming.  We have so many pictures that every time I start to post them I get sidetracked trying to decide where to start I run out of time before I put any up.  But it'll be worth the wait.  He is so incredibly adorable....

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