June 20, 2013

2013 Photo Shoot

So it has taken me nearly two months to get these pictures up here!  The problem is that Susan takes such amazing photos it is nearly impossible for me to narrow them down to just a few.  We seriously spent hours pouring over them to choose which ones to print for our wall.  Here's what we came up with.  

At my prenatal check up on April 23rd, the Tuesday before Addison was born, my specialist recommended an immediate induction.  (I know, I still haven't shared his birth story.  Coming eventually, maybe.)  I talked the doctor down to waiting a few days to see if things improved.  We still hadn't done maternity photos and I was definitely not feeling up to it.  And it was such short notice to ask our friend  with five little ones to drop everything and come do it.  In the end I text her and explained the situation and she said the next morning would actually be perfect to come.  I am so glad we did it since Friday I was admitted to the hospital.

I have so many other photos I love from that day I could seriously put hundreds of them here. The cherry tree was in full bloom and we did a lot of pictures there.  
Taking pictures is so hard when everyone keeps cracking jokes.  I am looking at this pictures thinking how incredibly tired I look.  But I love moments like these.  I also love that you can see just the hint of the pink bud in the back left.
When Addison was  few days old, Susan came back to take his newborn photos and some updated family portraits.  We were dodging rain but it actually worked out perfect.
I think he looks just like a doll baby here.
And I seriously love Winnie's pink sparkly shoes.  First thing every morning she has to run and see her Henry. And the way she says Henry is the cutest sound in the world.
And I love all his adorable nakedness and the hat his sister made for him.  Actually, they made him 8 or 9 hats based on the 5 pound quote the doctor gave.  As it turned out he was much larger and this is the only one that fit.  It just so happens this color looks amazing on him.
Can't think of much more wonderful in this world than welcoming a precious new life into the world.
Carmella is not the only sibling who adores this baby.  The boys are so distracted by this beautiful brother.
Kaitlin likes to call big sister dibs.  There is something heartwarming about seeing your 21 year old holding your 1 week old baby.
Every time I see this man so tenderly caring for our newborns, I fall more in love with him.
Ellie is a great big sister.  She has an endless supply of kisses, blankets and stories for Henry.
Big boy feet.
Samuel has grown so much this year.  His two front teeth are almost in.
Brothers.  So special.
We had some good storms after we did our maternity pictures.  All the petals blew off the cherry tree and were in piles on the grass.  The girls had fun messing around with them.
We call this spring snow.
These three girls are the most amazing daughters and friends a mama could ask for.
I swear she gets more lovely each year.
Emma Rose is following in her sisters' footsteps and has grown into a beautiful young woman.
Our up and coming graduate.  How did that happen so fast?
Too much cuteness for words.  I am so grateful I got a few more years of pigtails with this sweet girl.
There are not many smiles in the world that can light up a room like Elisabeth's.
Aedan was shocked to realize his hair has turned dark this last year.  He's just as handsome as ever.
And my big boy.  If you have to have bad eyes, isn't it great that someone can look this good with glasses?
I laughed so hard when I saw this one.  Doesn't it look like they are in a praise and worship service?
You are always at a disadvantage around here if you are a ticklish person like Nathaniel.
Our boys never looked more like the stair steps they are.  Samuel is going to catch up with Aedan in no time.

Photos by Susan of Susan Schmidt photography.  Thanks for another amazing job of capturing some special moments in the life of our family.  A big hug!

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