June 24, 2013

Henry Eight Weeks Old

I set out to do a mom post since its been just about forever.  But the pictures of Henry's second month were not only more abundant but also way more interesting than the photos of me.  So I diverted a little.

Hmmm... Elisabeth and Carmella were here.  Not only was Addison covered with multiple blankets, they added the hat for good measure.
Neighbors paying a visit

Cuddle time with Pa

And with Samuel

The girls had a great idea of handing Oh Henry bars out for Henry's first visit to church.  These things are hard to come by.

Hanging out after devotions

Addison loves his elephant

And Mella loves her Addison

Mouse Paint

Miss Peggy blessed us with this rocking chair which is perfect for Henry's corner in the girls' room.

Does it look like he is exercising to you?

So they aren't even pretending anymore

Almost every picture of me the last two months involves Addison and I asleep

Celebrating his first Wachter birthday

And his first father's day.  Yeah, the kids did put a candle in enchiladas

PT With Miss Trudy

Play time with the kiddos

The youngers came in from their play to bring these flowers to Addison one day.  I wasn't sure what to do with them so I tucked them in the pocket of his overalls.  They stayed their the rest of the day.  

He is getting so much stronger.  He can push up much higher on his tummy this month and can hold his head up for much longer

Visiting with Miss Gosia

Kaitlin got him this tie.  We stick it on him once in a while to further the physicist idea

Morning PT with Nana

Taking a break with Pa, Winnie and Olivia

When I was pregnant Allen bought two coordinating outfits... one for a girl and one for a boy.  When Addison was born, Ellie dressed her pig in the little girl outfit.  This morning Winnie found it and while Addison was playing on the quilt she dressed him up.   Just before she laid the shirt over his back she put the bloomers on his head like a hat.  He is going to have to be very tolerant having Carmella and Elisabeth for big sisters.

Hard to believe our boy is already two months old.  We are so grateful for the blessing he is to us.  We are so grateful for his good health.  We are so grateful for the things the Lord has taught us through this little man.  


  1. He is such a cutey. The photo of him in his tie is just adorable. Glad you are all doing well. Greetings and blessings from Ohio.

  2. I just love reading about your family. Addison is quite a handsome little fella! And it looks like he has many admirers. :)