June 6, 2013

Henry in Room 319

So Sunday afternoon we had a little getaway and took Addison to DC for his first official trip out of state and his first official stay in a hotel.
Emma packed so much stuff for him, I am not sure he even realized he wasn't at home.
 Especially, because he had his new very favorite toy the blue elephant.  Side note... I love that he loves this guy.  He stares it down.  He grabbed for it once.  And he even cooed for it.  Which may be an object of our imagination because he has never cooed again.  But I'm holding on to it since everyone swears they heard it, too. 
So what really clued him in to the fact that we weren't at home?  He got to lay on the bed for five minutes and no one picked him up.  
 That's something he has not experienced in his entire life. 

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