June 28, 2013

Safety Frog

Our kids love to target shoot with bow and arrow.  The compound bow is strictly kept for target shooting and not to be used as a toy.  To compensate for play time, they made bows out of PVC pipe a few years ago.  The arrows are made out of dowl rods topped with eraser caps and decorated with colored electric tape.  They are actually great little bows and I am impressed at how well they shoot real arrows.
Allen tends to be a worrier when it comes to our kids and safety and stuff.  He has never fully fell into my step when it comes to letting the kids learn from a few scrapes and bruises.  But he has grown more to my way of thinking over the years and will now look the other way many times.  Sometimes we just compromise.  For example, the kids can have their bows and shoot target with a BB gun but when shooting they must always wear safety goggles.

Arrows don't come cheap and with so many archers around and so many woods to loose arrows in, we try to be diligent to gather them up after each session.  Still, our boys love to shoot arrows up into the air and see if they can get them over the power lines.  We have a lot of arrows get stuck up in the trees, never to be seen again.  When we see this we do try to remind them to mind their arrows.

So as I said, we try to instill some safety into our boys' lives, but mostly we try to stay out of the way and let them be boys and learn from their own experiences.  The other day Allen was in the back yard and he saw Aedan and Elisabeth shooting arrows into the maple tree.
"You are going to lose your arrows," he warned.

Aedan was quick to answer, "Oh no, Pa.  It's okay.  Sam's up in the tree."

Ellie chirped up with, "We are shooting at him so the arrows won't get lost."

Before Allen could order Sam out of the tree, his little Sammy voice joined in from parts unseen to say, "Don't worry, Pa, I have my safety goggles on."

2 points for Sam to remember the safety rule.

2 points for Aedan and Ellie for keeping track of their arrows.

2 points to Pa for walking away with a smile on his face.


  1. You're kids are probably some of the most creative I've ever heard of. I love their ability to spend the time like I did when I was a child simply being outside and letting their imaginations run wild. These will be the days they will remember long after they have grown up and have children of their own.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Archery. We have no boys, but my 10 year old girl loves archery. Mind you, she's dressed in glitter with a sparkly hat while holding a bow or a BB gun! I just love her diversity. :)

    I can relate to both you and your husband. It's hard to turn away at times, but we often know we must.