June 18, 2013

Samuel's 8th Birthday

June 11th we celebrated Samuel's 8th birthday.  The girls spent many hours preparing all sorts of camping fun for a two day camp out, which got rained.  
Just the same, it was a special day in which we pointed out to Samuel that he will eventually have to move to a twin bed.
 And Pa gave him a new soccer shirt.
 And the girls bemoaned the sad decline in the quality and size of party balloons.
Brothers shared some birthday love
 Kaitlin shared some Cricut love
And Carmella just fell in love... with cupcakes
and nutella on whole wheat
and party hats!
 Aedan second that motion

And then Samuel kept everyone laughing as he read his new books
  The big kids discovered the wonderful comfort and simplicity of bologna sandwiches
  and just guess what they played all afternoon?
 And even though we couldn't celebrate Sam's birthday with his camp out, we still had tons of camp themed fun like these super adorable orange cupcakes
 Topped with sparkler candles.

Birthday blessings to our super-energetic-talks a million miles a minute-big hearted-freckle faced-precious boy!


  1. Happy Birthday to one incredibly amazing, smart, and loving boy! It looks like you had a great birthday!