June 19, 2013

The Cupcake

On Samuel's birthday, Carmella fell in love with party hats.  She wore this one all day.  And she made sure Henry had one, too.  We don't eat many sweets and we don't usually allow our little ones to have sweets.  This is especially so for Carmella who is allergic to wheat.  She only gets small amounts of grains on very rare occasions.  But she was wearing the party hat.  And she looked so adorable.  We just couldn't resist handing her a cupcake.  At first, she gave us a very confused look as if she wanted to make sure we knew what we were doing.  With good reason.   She is also allergic to peanuts.  One day I made a peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread while I was talking with Allen.  He interrupted me about halfway into the sandwich and pointed out I was feeding it to Carmella instead of giving it to Ellie.  She was kind of disappointed when I took the sandwich away.

After she was really excited to have a cupcake, she offered it to Addison.  I love that she wants to share everything special, like her Olivia, with her baby.
So after she made sure she was really allowed to have the treat and she tried to share her goodies with baby, she just stared at it as if she didn't know what to do with the thing.
And everyone tried to encourage her to taste it.  But the paper really confused her.
So she took another approach and just licked at the icing for a half hour or so, like a lollipop.
She never got to the cake part at all.  But she must have decided she likes cupcakes.  Yesterday Emma baked some muffins.  Carmella saw them come out of the oven she started shrieking in the happiest of voices, "CUPCAKE!"

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