August 21, 2013

Brianna's 18th Birthday

It's that time, again.  Another Wachter birthday.  Saturday Brianna turned 18.  This is a far cry from our 6 pound preemie.
Nana was one of the many to come down with our annual post VBS cold.  We let her hold Addison for a minute anyway, since it was her birthday and all.  
The weather was simply magnificent to serve Brie and fruit in the garden for breakfast.  With everyone feeling lousy and the weather being so nice, we just hung around chatting until lunch time.
We finally got up and moved when it got warm enough to swim.  Brianna chose cannoli over birthday cake for her dessert.
In the evening Allen and I took her to dinner at a local restaurant we've been wanting to try out for nearly a year.
We spent several more hours just sitting and chatting.  It was perfectly lovely.
I am sure we must have exhausted every topic under the sun.  And then we moved on to this grilled romaine salad.
It was a very quiet and uneventful birthday and in many ways seemed too understated for such a momentous day and a special girl, but it was just what Brianna wanted and just what we all needed.  Happy birthday to our precious girl!

Birthday Blessings
Pa: She has the creative ability to make the ordinary extraordinary. She has an amount of deep wisdom and soberness surprising in anyone especially an 18 year old.

Mom: She utilizes her gifts and abilities to make others feel special and appreciated.

Kay: She is a true friend, not just there when it's convenient for her, but there even when it get's tough.

Emma: She has the ability to accumulate wisdom, and to give it out when needed. If you go to her with a question or problem you know you will come away having learned something.

Than: She is very creative and uses that to make things beautiful.

Aedan: She is very thoughtful. She knows when you need advice or a hug.

Sam: She is a very good and kind leader.

Ellie: She is a good big sister because she will tell you what is the right thing to do.


  1. Happy birthday to Brianna! Eighteen is such a momentous birthday!

  2. For some reason your blog stopped showing up in my newsfeed, so I am enjoying catching up!
    Happy Birthday to Brianna! :)