August 14, 2013

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Addison's dedication was a beautiful day of celebrating all the Lord has done in the last year.  We were blessed to be surrounded by the love of precious friends and our church family.  

Everyone got a turn holding Addison, starting with our friend Ella.
So, no.  Our church does not normally look like a trip under the sea.  Everything was decorated for the kickoff of our Jonah themed Vacation Bible School which started Monday.  We were super excited that Aunt Dawn made a last minute decision to come out to celebrate with us.
Our family agreed to share Addison's story and talk on the topic of Down Syndrome.  Even though we had prayed about it for weeks and we were sure this was God's will, opening our hearts and reliving the many emotional events of the last year turned out to be much harder than we anticipated.  And yet, we unanimously agree we are glad we did it.  If you missed Addison's Story you can view it over here.
Even though this was the first time we had shared about Addison's diagnosis publicly, the day had very little to do with Trisomy 21 and everything to do with the miracle God works every time He creates a new human being.  He confirmed it over and over throughout the day as He brought the same verse into the forefront.

"I will praise thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made."   Psalm 139:14

First, the girls and I used it as the inspiration for the Bible markers we gave to our prayer partners.

Allen used it when sharing our belief that Addison does not have Down Syndrome as a freak of nature but as a choice made by God.
Then our Pastor used it when he prayed over Addison.   
And lastly, late at night after all the guests had left and the kids were tucked in bed, we opened a gift lovingly made by our neighbor with Addison's beautiful feet and the very same verse.
After the service, we were so thrilled to have Addison's prayer team and a few other close friends join us to celebrate all God has done this last year.  I have to say, Henry did an amazing job of staying awake and smiling for a good part of the afternoon.  There were many people who wanted to have a turn holding him and getting to know him a little better.  Aunt Katrina called dibs first.
And Uncle Terry was not far back in the line. 
So the weather was fabulous.  Which is shocking because it literally rained 6 days in a row.  The girls made a delicious meal of Italian sausage sandwiches, watermelon, relishes and veggies with hummus.  Other friends brought salad, drinks and dessert.
 I just want to take a minute and say how very blessed we are to have the fellowship of believers.  Not only has this couple been a support to us in this last year but through many trials and celebrations in the last 14 or 15 years.  Okay, and sometimes its on purpose and sometimes its just being who he is but Terry always makes us laugh.
I don't think there is anything in this world that Katrina and I have not talked about or faced together over the years... homemaking hints, sewing ideas, home school inspiration, Bible and theology topics, female issues, health challenges, exercise, cooking, canning, baking, fashion, decorating, pregnancy, childbirth, books, movies...  We have been through the birth of our children, mourned the loss of a child, and the death of a parent.  We have encouraged and advised each other in dealing with our crazy extended families and how to to keep our tomatoes standing upright in the garden.  We have cleaned together, shopped together and vacationed together.   We have seriously done it all together.  God is so good to give us the gift of friendship and our family was so grateful to have those special people in our ring these last few months and for Addison's day.
Gracie and Emma spent a lot of time passing Addison back and forth, just as they have with Elisabeth and Carmella before him.
The little girls had fun playing house in the green house.  Notice it is making progress?
Some of the older girls convinced Aedan to push them in the hammock.  I seriously think he swung them for about an hour.
And Susan.  What I would do without the love, prayers and support of this friend, I simply do not know.
Come 9:00 at night, Addison was still going strong, when his Uncle Frank finally got a turn to hold him.
What a truly memorable day it will always be for our family and what a great way to kick off Addison's spiritual journey.

And that's the news from Art's Chili Pepper... where the women are strong, the men are good looking and the kids above average.

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  1. What a truly precious gift you and your family have been entrusted with! I so enjoyed watching the video(brought tears to my eyes), but your son has been placed in the most loving capable hands...yours.