August 15, 2013

Henry 3 Months!

Yes, he is almost 4 months old.  But I have a few days left yet so I don't feel way too awful about just not putting up Addison's 3 month photos.  
And a busy month it was, too!
One morning we were playing in the nursery and Carmella brought a bow for me to put in her hair.  That in itself is a miracle because she typically is pulling bows out of her hair, not putting them in.  Next, she brought a bow for Olivia.  And then one for her doll, Millie.  Last she brought this one and asked me to put it on Addison.  I tried to convince the little hairdresser Addison doesn't wear bows but she just wouldn't listen to reason.  In the end it was easier to put it on.  That's when we realized the boy was gorgeous.
We spent a lot of time planning out these photos we were going to do for a July 4th post.  We had a blast taking them.  And then I never got around to posting them.
So happy Independence Day.... A little bit late.
And this is with our friend Dawn on our trip to New York for the July 4th weekend.
And with Brianna during the same trip.  There was quite a heat wave in Syracuse that weekend and without air conditioning Addison slept just about the whole time.  What can I say, our boy must have some lizard blood.  It gets warm, and he just basks and basks and basks some more.
And this was at the overlook after a long hike up hill.  I can't believe he actually opened his eyes long enough for a photo since he slept during the entire hike.
So, we all love to read.  And we've always read to our kids from the beginning.  By the time they reach their first birthday our kids have already heard the Bible from beginning to end.  Addison loves to sit with us while we read picture books to him.  In the last few weeks he seems to be really making visual contact with the pictures.  I love that something we enjoy so much is also helping him with his language development.
At Hillwood Estates
Addison met his Granny for the first time when we ran into Allen's folks on an errand day last month.
As part of my exercise regiment and part of Addison's physical therapy, he and I do Mama and baby yoga together.  Even if this isn't benefiting either of us, I love having this time with him.
Addison in the green suit for his first visit to church.  All my boys have worn this suit on their first trip to worship.  It was very special to pull it out after so many years.
Ready or not, here we go!  He wears it every bit as handsome as his three brothers before him.  Although, Addison fills it in way better than they did.
With friends Jayden and Miss Kate at Sunday supper.
I can not fathom how his pj's got all pushed up but I love the idea of Sam reading to his little brother and the intent look on Addison's face.  
Carmella adores her baby Henry!  She loves to say, "Hold Addison"  or "Addison up!"  Also, love their coordinating sailor suits.
July physical therapy session with Miss Trudy.  We learned a lot of new techniques to work on his neck muscles this month.  We had felt he wasn't making progress with his neck.  Miss Trudy encouraged us that she felt he had made a great deal of progress.

With friend Susan and Zanna.  Kaitlin found this tie for Addison and one of the boys popped it on him as we headed out to church.
And with friend Miss Joy.
No idea what Brianna did to make him screw up his little face like that.  But I think that expression is adorable.
So every night after we put the kids to bed, we drag sleeping Addison out of his bassinet so we can cuddle with him.  Isn't that the worst kind of training you've ever heard of.  One of us usually goes to sleep... namely me... and then eventually Allen puts Henry back to bed.  I don't think the kid every notices he wasn't in his own bed the whole night.  But we sure love the extra snuggles.  On this rare occasion, Allen fell asleep before me.  Don't they look a lot alike here?
The week before last was like fall weather.  Too cool to swim but perfect for hanging out in the yard.  We had a lot of things to do for VBS and Graduation so we pulled a blanket out and worked by the playground while the kids kicked around.  I found these brothers hanging out watching the clouds roll by.
One morning while I was doing therapy with Addiosn, Carmella brought Millie out and did exercises, too.
Some brother time before bed
Managing to grab Kaitlin's necklace on his own.
We must have 50 photos of Addison and I sleeping together.  But it is an awesome feeling I don't care to ever forget.
These two are the biggest little mothers in the world.

And for the record I LOVE the gray striped overalls.  Which don't fit him anymore.  I am so sad about that.  But I am so excited that he is growing and gaining weight so well.  None of our kids have ever been on the scales.  Addison, who is the one that should be puny by diagnosis, is probably the largest of any of our kids at this age.  Praise God for his care of our boy!

As I look through these photos I am also struck by how "rough" Addison's life must be with someone always waiting to hold or play with him.  I am so grateful that God has given us the problem of mediating who's turn it is to hold this precious one.

Until next month,


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