August 23, 2013

Hillwood~ Brianna Senior Pictures

We knew we wanted our friend Susan to do Brianna's senior pictures but that's about where the inspiration stopped. 
Fortunately, Susan is a creative genius and was already working on some great ideas.
It started with a trip to Hillwood Estates outside of Washington, D.C.
I've got to tell you, I was surprised this place existed and that we never knew about it.
As we came to find out Hillwood Estates is the former home, turned Museum, of the late Merriweather Post.
Allen and I knew the name only from a concert venue located here in Maryland that we frequented as Teens.
And, duh, it wasn't until we were actually at the estate that we realized this was Merriweather Post of Post cereal company.
Since we were going all the way down there in the middle of the miserable July heat Allen and I decided to make it a day to spend with Brianna.
Susan said she wanted to try for a modern Downtown Abbey feel.  

And I think we captured it.  

As always we were thrilled with the finished product and found it hard to narrow the selection down to just a few.

The estate itself is absolutely amazing.  It is the epitome of posh and beauty.  I am looking forward to spending a day here with the girls checking out all that we missed.  And I am hoping for a day to sit in the gardens with a book and a coffee. 
There are lots of gorgeous photos of Brianna from this shoot, but my absolute favorite picture from the day is this one of Allen and her together.  It just captures the essence of their love for each other.   
I hate the way I look in these photos.  It was so hot and humid my hair was total frizz by the time we got to doing the photos with Allen and I.  I am not having any success losing my pregnancy weight and I couldn't find one dress in my closet that looked decent.  But I love this moment with our girl and we had such a nice day so here are the photos to remember it by.
We are so blessed by this daughter of ours and so excited for who she has become.  We look forward to seeing where the Lord will lead her and are grateful God gave us the opportunity to share in the task of helping her find her way.

I can not believe our homeschool journey together has already ended.  We love you, dear one. Congratulations!

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  1. Oh, these are so beautiful! I love the Downton feel. ;) (Speaking of which, didid we tell you we finished season 3?!) I can't believe Brianna's graduating - had it really been three years since we first starting reading y'all's blogs?

    Hugs and blessings for Brianna and the rest of the Wachter clan!