August 28, 2013

July With the Wachters

So August is almost over and I didn't post July photos yet.  Sue me.  I honestly am amazed that I even took
July photos.  I have become simply awful about photos.  When I do go to take a picture, half the time I can't find my camera and the other half of the time the battery needs charging or the card is missing.  But you know my motto... better late than never.  

So I promise you I have no idea what this photo is about.  I can not imagine why Carmella is wearing a sweater that is far too small for her nor why she is wearing her winter hat.  I can not fathom why both my girls are sitting in coolers.  The one thing I can surmise, judging by the next photos, is it all has something to do with getting ready for our trip to New York.
Because I remember the day Brianna came back from her run and sat in the boys room reading Martha Stewart Living while she directed the boys' packing.
And I remember Kaitlin training Carmella to take her nap on a mattress on the floor so she would be ready to pass her pack and play on to Addison.

We have been enjoying Sam's delicious blue vegetables for several weeks.  These potatoes are absolutely delicious.
The kids playing train in the hallway one rainy day.
And the girls watching Baby Einstein.  The kids are only allowed to watch one thing a week.  Typically, they do this on Saturday night when we have our date.  Elisabeth always wants to watch Rapunzel and Carmella always wants to watch Baby Einstein.  They take turns.  The boys are great sports and let them have the say most of the time.  
While it seems as if nothing is happening on the house project, lots of behind the scenes business is going on.  One of the things we had to do was change out three windows on the front of the house.  Unfortunately, one of them was a window we replaced last September when we remodeled Kaitlin and Brianna's bedroom.  I came in from the pool to get Addison up from his nap and found him working with his pa.

The kids shooting arrows off the shed roof
and swinging before dinner
Sunday dinner with friends and a vicious game of Mexican Train
More of the boys bounty... check out the purple carrots
When you have five daughters...
The architect delivering the drawings for our addition
The boys checking it all out
Kids building a green house
Pa and Carmella playing with Henry
Carmella and Emma Rose hanging out
When we went to lunch one Sunday afternoon I got out of the car and saw all the kids gathered there... a picture I don't ever want to forget
Making pennants for graduation
Addison... just one of the guys

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