August 20, 2013

So Long Mr. the King, Welcome Filmore

After Nathaniel was born we welcomed our first Suburban, Doc to the family.  We outgrew that one when Elisabeth came along.  When Carmella was on the way, we were able to add a fourth row bench and make room for our new addition.  But with the boys getting bigger and Addison joining our family it was time to finally take the inevitable step and move into a 15 passenger van.  

If anyone had told me I would ever cry over a car, I would never have believed them.

But that's just what happened this week as we bid our dear old friend goodbye.  
Ten people all in tears as we remembered five happy years logging 40,000 wonderful miles of family memories in our Suburban.
As much as we hate to say goodbye, we are glad to do so to make room for our precious Addison.  We pray that she finds a happy family and sees many more happy years of good memories.
Friday morning Nathaniel and Allen set out for a day to bring home the new Wachter wheels.
They returned Friday evening when we all welcomed Filmore.
I think we are the most ungrateful people in the world!  Anyone else would be delighted to get a new car and all we did was weep.  But we are working on having a good attitude and it started with the Cricut and some bright colored paper.  God is so good to provide this almost brand new vehicle to us at a price we could afford.  We spent some time thanking Him for His provision to us and asking for His protection and asking Him to help us make many wonderful memories as we travel together.  At dinner we spent some time sharing our favorite memories on the road together.  
I will share this one from way back when we were driving our first Suburban, and Aedan was a newborn baby.  At that time our families were slightly aghast at the idea of us having so many kids.  If only they could see us now.   Anyway, my dad asked Allen if he was done with this business (of having kids) now.  Allen looked at him with a straight face and said, "Well, sir, we still have one more seat in the Suburban."  

For all those who are wondering we still have four more seats and yes the kids have awesome plans for making this vehicle scream, "The Wachter family has arrived."  

Stay tuned to Art's Chili Pepper where the women are strong, the men good looking and the kids above average.


  1. We like Suburban's, but they are hard on gas! We just bought a Honda Odyssey and love it. It seats 8 and gets over 800+ km per tank. Congrats on the new 15 seater!

  2. WELCOME, FILMORE! You will be so very happy in your new home. This family has soooo much love to give!


  3. Welcome to the 15 passenger van club!! lol Sorry, it's a sweet story and I love the name. Thinking of decorating Filmore to match the one on Cars? :)