August 25, 2013


With Addison's diagnosis we have had to change some things.  One big difference is our approach to vaccinations.  Because of Henry's special health concerns Allen and I spent some time rethinking this position with Addison's doctors.  We decided all of our children would receive some shots we previously opted out of.

Our doctor felt the easiest way to handle this was to bring the whole gang in and have two nurses on duty to take care of business.

 Elisabeth got the worst of it, needing 4 shots all at once.  She is an amazing good sport and didn't make a peep about it.  Unfortunately, it came just before we went to New York for the July 4th weekend.  She ran a little fever and was just feeling generally icky, but managed on anyway.
Miss Lyshell went into great detail about how good the kids were for their shots.  She told us the story of a teenager who had been in the week before.  She said it took her 45 minutes of arguing with the kid to let her give him the shot.  I was repulsed as she told me about the way he spoke to his mother telling her that he wasn't going to take a shot.  And finally the nurse called in the doctors to sit on the kid so they could poke him.  Let's say it would have gone a lot differently if I had been that mother!
The kids were all such super good sports and even seemed happy to do something to help their brother out.  We decided to celebrate by going to the market for some ice cream and lots of toppings.  
We called it dinner.

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  1. Vaccinations are such hard choices, aren't they? We and Mackenzie's doctors agonized over which ones were good for her and which ones were not ok for her heart...but Jackson will have all of his to protect her. No fun, but it was sweet that it was such a family affair!