October 23, 2013

Audrey Bunny by Angie Smith

When Stephanie contacted me about reviewing Angie Smith's new book, Audrey Bunny, I jumped at the
chance. Some of you may remember me sharing a few years ago that Angie Smith is the reason I got into blogging.

And... her first book, I Will Carry You is just simply a beautiful testimony of how the Lord carried her through the loss of her baby, Audrey Caroline.  I remember sitting in a restaurant with my husband days after I had read Angie's story and breaking down into tears while I shared with Allen.  It's just that powerful a testimony.

And... from reading Angie's blog I know the real story of the Audrey bunny and how it relates to that loss.

So... for all those reasons I was really looking forward to this new picture book for children.  I was actually disappointed when we got home from vacation and it wasn't in the big stack of books waiting for reviews from various publishers.

But on Saturday, just before nap time... guess what arrived at my door.  I grabbed up the girlies and the boys came running too.  And then the big girls heard what we were reading and they came.  And we read Audrey Bunny.

Carmella's lovey is a pink bunny so she was immediately in love with the "Olivia book."  The drawings by Breezy Brookshire are beautiful.  And the message was just what this mother of a sweet baby with Down Syndrome wants to tell the world, "God doesn't make mistakes.  Everyone is made unique, beautiful and perfect."

But I would be doing you, my dear readers, an injustice if I wasn't honest in saying, I was disappointed in the
story itself.  If I was in a book store this is not a book I would choose.  Not that it is one of those books I would cringe at if the kids asked me to read it, either.  Do you know those types of books?  But likewise, it is not a book I would find myself reaching for at story time.  It just wasn't my taste.

I hate to end on a less than pleasant note, so let me close by saying I think Angie is fantastic and I think she is a woman after God's own heart.  I hope that there are many people who fall in love with this story and more importantly that the message she is trying to share reaches many people.

To learn more, take a minute to read the description from the publisher and watch the trailer.

Audrey Bunny was inspired by the loss of Angie Smith’s daughter, Audrey, only a few hours after she was born. She illustrates how in God’s eyes, everyone is perfect just the way He made them and He doesn’t make mistakes.
Angie Smith
In the tale, Smith writes about Audrey Bunny, who is insecure due to a mark over her heart. Audrey Bunny tries to hide the mark in fear that she will never be worthy of a young girls love because of her imperfection. However, with the help of a young girl’s unconditional love, Audrey Bunny learns that the mark over her heart is what makes her special. 
“The theme incorporated throughout the lines of Audrey Bunny is one that all little girls should know and understand,” says Smith. “God doesn’t make mistakes. Every single one of us is perfect in our own, unique way.”
Angie Smith is a well-known speaker and the bestselling author of I Will Carry You, What Women Fear and Mended. Audrey Bunny is her first children’s book. She has a master’s degree in developmental psychology from Vanderbilt University.

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