October 31, 2013

Henry Six Months Old

Our beautiful boy was six months old on Monday! And what a long way he has come.  Susan came by last Sunday afternoon to do some updated photos for us.  If you've never taken time to enjoy her photography stop by Susan Schmidt Photography and check it out.  I love these photos because each one captures something amazing and beautiful about Addison.

His smile... which truly lights up a room and makes you forget there was ever, or could ever be, something in life to feel sad about
This is the serious, intellectual, physicist look

And his curious... what's going on over there without me look
Isn't it lunch time?  I'll just eat my hand then look

And his feet... I love his big old squishy... these babies are going to take me far... feet...
But this one is the most amazing... not only does it capture him sucking his thumb, which incidentally is his new favorite past time, but you can see the special fold on his eyes and the gorgeous marble flecks in those baby blues 
And well, this reminds us it is fall.  And there were difficult seasons.  But the Lord has lead us through it and given us the victory and the joy.


  1. Awww. What a beautiful little boy. It's almost like you can see the true love of God from his beautiful eyes. Such a sweet tender heart. Such a joy... such a blessing. :-)
    Blessings to you and your beautiful family