December 18, 2013

Christmas Cards

This post actually has  no real point.  Except to ramble on about Christmas cards.  I love Christmas cards.  I love sending them.  I love receiving them.  People don't send Christmas cards as much as they used to.  But it is still a major highlight of the holiday season for the Wachters.  I particularly like the photo cards.  This year I ordered from Minted for the first time.  I love the weight of their paper.  But what I didn't love was that after we designed a card we loved, we realized it was a post card.  That actually seemed like a good idea at first because then you save on postage.  But, as it turns out, Allen was disappointed that we couldn't include a letter.  And, after placing the order, I worried that the cards would get messed up in the mail.  And then, I should have known, we paid just as much for postage because they don't make Christmas post card stamps.  And I had already bought the stamps after Thanksgiving. 

I appreciate people who still send Christmas cards.  Sometimes it is the only way we hear from loved ones around the world.  Yeah, I know.  If only I was on Facebook.  But I am not.  Nor am I likely to ever be.  So there you have it. 

And while I am rambling on about Christmas cards, Joanna, we loved your card.  It was the first one we received this year.  We didn't have our display up until a few days after the mail man brought your card.  We admired Baby M and Baby J and we marveled at all the Lord has done for your family this year.  And then, because we had no place to put it, we lost it.  Everyone murmurs about this at least once a day.  Which is why your cork board is all the more amazing.  You don't have to wait until your Christmas decorations are up to put out your cards.  It's there all year and you will never have misplaced cards. 

Another reason I don't like the post cards is that it is very hard to get all the addresses on those little lines.  This, perhaps, wouldn't have been such a challenge if they had been the jumbo sized post cards.  Which I assumed they would be.  That's why you should get a ruler and actually check those measurements.  But with the standard sized post cards... wow!  Not much room for names and addresses there. 

Anyway, the girls and I love choosing and addressing Christmas cards.  We send out about 150 every year.  When our order comes in the mail, everything stops while we check them out.  And no matter what our evening plans were, they get put aside so we can curl up on the couches and address them together.  We pull out coffee.  And chocolate.  This year we went through a bag of Lindt dark chocolate peppermint truffles.  Which, incidentally, are amazing.  While we address we share stories of the names we come across.   Who are the Berry's again?  They always ask that question. We laugh.  We reminisce.  Remember Miss Candace who used to baby sit you?  She has 3 children now!  And we get a little teary.  No card for dear brother Harry who died on December 7th. 

The little guys like to help, too.  It is usually their job to stamp and lick the cards.  This job Carmella took very seriously.  The boys always recall the first year they were allowed to sign their own names on the cards.  Which reminds me of how the littlest things often have the biggest impact on our children.  But that is an entirely different topic. 

 Do you send Christmas cards?  What is your preference.  Printed cards or photo cards?  Do you include a personal letter or a family update?  Do you have any special traditions surrounding your cards?

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