December 15, 2013

Christmas Packages

What do I love more than receiving packages?  It's putting together the Christmas packages for loved ones far away.  Not only is it fun to figure out how to fit a little Christmas in a box, it gives us time to stop and think about those we love but can't connect with very often.  It is a time for us to stop and remember times we were together.  It is a time for us to look forward to times we will be together again.  
This process always starts with brainstorming in October.  And yet it took until yesterday to finally wrap and pack.  And then, snow kept them from getting in the mail today.  I am hoping they will arrive in time for the holiday.  But regardless, we are sending lots of love to all those friends and family we can't be with this holiday season.  You are on our hearts and in our prayers every day.  May the Lord look over each of you, protect you, guide you and fill your lives with blessings are you strive to live for Him.

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