December 13, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Elisabeth Claire

Six always seems like such a big jump in the birthday realm.  No longer a little one.  At five they still need our help for so much.  But at six they can brush their own teeth, make their own eggs and ride a two wheel bike.  Somehow, with the changes of the last year, Elisabeth turning six crept up on me.  We've been planning and preparing for her birthday for weeks and weeks.  But it wasn't until two days ago that it hit me like a ton of bricks.  My little princess is six years old!  

The last year has been harder on her than any of the rest of us.  The time between five and six seems like such a critical time of developing independence and doing it in the midst of so many changes was a difficult task for our girl.  And yet, she still manages to reach the hearts of everyone she meets with her friendly chat and bright smile.  

Back in the beginning of November we asked Ellie what she wanted to do for her birthday.  She said she was going to work through the princesses.  Since she's done Rapunzel for a few birthdays she thought she would do Snow White this year.  I should point out she doesn't even like to watch the Snow White Movie.  But she loves to play with her princess dolls.  With that decided Emma got to work with her Cricut 

And Brianna made a beautiful cake.  
Snow White was always Kaitlin's favorite princess so we pulled a dress out of the attic from her American Girl Doll days.  Ellie decided to put it on Charlotte instead of Caroline.  
We had lots of great plans to celebrate.  I've never taken the girls to the American Girl store in DC so we were going to start the day there.  And then we thought we might see the new princess movie, Frozen.  And this evening we will be babysitting our little friends so we thought we'd have a birthday party.  

The unfortunate thing about a birthday in December is the sickness.  Elisabeth has been sick for 4 of her 6 birthdays!  I was excited yesterday afternoon that she had not caught the boys cold.  Unfortunately, shortly after Allen put her to bed last night she started having trouble breathing.  By this morning she felt so bad she just wanted to stay home in her pajamas.   She didn't even want to eat her birthday tea.  :( 

She did put her new dress on long enough for pictures.  This red dress made me think of Snow White without being too "costumey."  
 Everything about Ellie looks so delicate and graceful, even though she spends many hours a day up in trees and sledding down hills with her big brothers.
 She is such a mother to Carmella and Carmella adores following Ellie around and copying everything she does.  The last few months she always wants to sleep in Ellie's room or have Ellie sleep in her room.  And they are always trying to match their outfits.
 Ellie loves to serve any way she can.  She will quickly run to kiss a hurt knee or soothe wounded feelings.  She loves to read and is excelling in math this year.  I love her drawings and the songs she makes up for us.

When I was pregnant with her, I didn't think I had any mind for a boy or a girl but when the doctor told us she was a little girl I remember being completely delighted.  And I probably would have been just as thrilled had she been a boy.  But God I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed the last six years with my girly girl.

May the next year not pass too fast and may I be able to drink in 365 days worth of memories with my not quite so little Princess.

Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.  Proverbs 31:25

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