December 14, 2013

St. Lucia Day

St. Lucia was a Sicilian who was eventually martyred for her love of Christ.  She was know for her service to the less fortunate.  There are many "legends" and "miracles" attributed to her and that you can probably skip.  But her willingness to give of her all for the Savior is a great lesson to remember this time of year.  December 13th is set aside as St. Lucia Day but being Elisabeth's birthday, we usually celebrate on the Saturday nearest the 13th.
In the spirit of St. Lucia, we wanted to do something to serve the community today.  Our plan was to take Lucy Buns to a local nursing home and give the ladies manicures and play games with the residents.
Unfortunately, we have many sick kids and I was concerned about infecting people who are at risk for complications.
 So we opted for plan B.  Emma made a ton of Cinnamon buns and we put together tins for the neighbors.
It doesn't have to big, expensive or showy... any gesture to those around you will be met with joy and a grateful heart.  How does your family reach out to the community during the holidays?

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