December 17, 2013

The Gingerbread Castle

The boys set their sights big this Christmas
 It took three days
 4 boxes of graham crackers
 2 pounds of confectioners sugar
 and every hot glue stick in the house
 Countless pounds of candy
 But isn't it a thing of beauty?
I think they've come a long way since our first attempts at gingerbread!
 I love little details like this bicycle
Elisabeth's swing
 this speedster and Samuel's toboggan
I have absolutely no idea where my kids got their artistic and creative ability.  It sure did NOT come from their mama.  But I am grateful they have it.  Watching their minds and hands work furiously through a project is even more delightful and rewarding than the finished project.

My kids never eat their gingerbread houses.  They always have a blast making them and then they want to look at them so they decide to save it for a while.  By the time they want to eat them, the thing has been sitting around for a month and is covered in dust.  I usually end up discreetly disposing of them in the big trash can outside.  I try to do this during busy times so that when they notice its gone I can say, "Oh, that hasn't been there for a long time." 

What about your family?  Do you make a gingerbread house?  Do you eat it or cherish its beauty for weeks to come?  And how do you finally get the kids to part with it when spring flowers are poking through the earth?

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