December 20, 2013

The Knitters

One night when we were in Boston we were driving through town to dinner.  It was around 6:00 and we drove about 20 minutes.  I noted that in the front room of almost every house there was a television on.  I noted it was the time that our family would be typically eating dinner together.  This broke my heart.  And it reminded me of one of the many reasons I am so glad we do not have television in our home.  During that hour when most peoples minds are being bombarded with garbage, our family is sharing about our day.  We are having our devotions.  We are helping each other through our trials.  

But that really wasn't the point of this post.  One great thing about not having television is watching what our big girls do to fill their time.  One night last week they spent the evening teaching a friend how to quilt.

Another evening last week I went downstairs after we tucked the little ones in bed and there sat my girls, a cross between the typical American young person and old biddy.  They were knitting and solving the problems of the world surrounded by bowls of orange peels, candy wrappers and empty coffee cups.  

Can't wait to see what they turn up... both in their problem solving and their Christmas projects.

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