January 22, 2014

A Day in the Life~Down Syndrome and Therapy 8 Months

Addison is currently spending about 2 hours a day on therapy.  We also do an hour of yoga in the evenings.  We are working on moving from a lying to a sitting position and from a sitting to a lying position intentionally, instead of just falling over.  We practice crawling position and also standing while holding onto the couch.

 But physical therapy is only a small part of Addison's day.  We are working on coloring this month.  Which he loves.  This may seem silly.  To be honest if I wasn't Addison's mother I would definitely say it was silly.  But coloring requires fine motor skills that can be very difficult to master.  It also teaches cause and effect as well as using the crayons to teach colors and work on Neuro Development.  We know that using his brain as much as possible will help it to grow and connect synapses which we pray will help to compensate for his learning disability.  And anyway, it's just fun.
 Blowing bubbles is another fun part of our neuro development therapy.  Addison loves to track where the bubbles go and we anticipate that he will in time work to follow the bubbles and eventually learn to blow bubbles for himself.  The practice of blowing will help strengthen mouth and facial muscles and in turn help with his language development and speech therapy.
 Everyone reads with Addison, as we always have with all our babies.  This week we began working with flashcards of colors and the alphabet.  Shortly we will be adding words, as well.  Addison LOVES doing flashcards.  Which doesn't surprise me much because he loves to look at books, too.  Again, this is just another way to keep his brain stimulated.
 Carmella loves to do flashcards with Addison.  So therapy time is a two for one kind of deal.
We could go way in depth with Addison's therapy but we want to give him time to be a baby.  We try to incorporate things that are both helpful to his development and fun for a little guy.  Addison is perfectly content to sit around observing life around him but we try to utilize most of his waking time with interaction that will keep his body working and his mind stimulated.


  1. I love Carmella helping her baby brother. Arabella has been going for Physical therapy since 14 months old. She is hypermobile and has hypotonia. The physical therapy has helped quite a bit and the therapist said her muscle tone has actually increased, so she doesn't need to go back until the end of March. It was hard doing some of the exercises with her as she HATED being on her tummy, crawling, climbing stairs etc. Now she has to go for speech therapy as the low muscle tone is affecting her ability to produce sounds. So hard to see our little ones struggle, but it's worth it in the end. Addison sounds like he is doing great with such a loving family around him.

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