January 5, 2014

Across the Hall

One of the things I love about our small house is simply that we are all together.  The kids all wander in and out of my bedroom while they brush their teeth and I put my makeup on.  When we all head to bed at night, it is not uncommon for the girls to have conversations with each other and Allen and I from our beds as we drift off to sleep.  And when I am too tired to take part in the chit chat, I enjoy listening to them all whisper so as not to disturb me.  These little moments are too good to pass up.

When their girl friends stay over, we smile as we listen to them giggle well into the night.  It is not uncommon to have 6 or 8 girls body to body stretched out over there.  Oh, and Henry.  Once in a while we need to remind them that the queen needs her beauty sleep.  I wouldn't trade these times for anything.  

The girls call their bedroom, The Flat.  And it is the happening place since Addison moved in last April.  There are always people, small and big, wandering in and out.  If you can't find someone you can bet that they are in The Flat "checking on Henry".  I can usually find evidence of little people stopping by to visit Addison during nap time, too.  Ellie's purse or Carmella's lovey tucked in bed with her baby.  Those precious moments always make me smile.

In the morning it is always a race to see who can get to the flat first so they can have the honor of getting the little man up.  One recent morning I got out of the shower to see these adorable chubby legs peeking at me from across the hall.  Don't you just want to pinch those thighs?

I love being so close to these hearts.  I love that having these children in my life lets me live my youth for a few more years.  I love hearing the giggles and the talk.  I love life across the hall.


  1. I just love this picture and the story that it tells, along with your words!

  2. What sweet moments. I miss those days. I do love the new moments I'm getting with all these 'young adults' in my home, but I do so miss those 'overheard' ones.
    Blessings to you for a Happy New Year!