January 31, 2014

Addison Ear Surgery Update

I know I am seriously long over due posting this update on Henry's surgery.  Thanks for all your emails and texts inquiring about him.  As I shared with our church family prayers are the thing that buoy us up as we get out of bed at 3:00 am to prepare our boy for surgery.  

Addison went through like a pro.  
 All the kids wanted to be with their brother so despite the impossibly early hour we all piled in the car at 5 am with 2 dozen donuts.
And it was nice to have everyone together to pray over our guy before we had to hand him over to strangers.

Our first prayer request was getting the tubes in.  Got answered.  Dr. S was able to drain and get tubes in both ears.  He commented that inside Addison's left ear is much smaller than his right.  He had to use a smaller stainless steel tube in the left.  We see the difference really plainly.  We need to put 5 drops in Addison's ears twice a day.  You can get all five in the right ear relatively easy.  However, getting even 1 to go in the left ear is a challenge.    

Second prayer request was that he would respond well to anesthesia.  God answered.  The anesthesiologist opted to give Addison a smaller dose to compensate for his hypotonia.  He seemed to handle the anesthesia very well.   He did not even get sick on his stomach, which is pretty common.  

Our other prayers were for the tubes to stay in place at least one year, that the surgery will not need to be repeated and that this will restore his hearing.  The verdict is still out on those.

The first day he had a good amount of drainage from both ears which made us feel good that the tubes were doing the job.  This almost completely stopped by the second day following surgery which encouraged us that he is healing well.

He does seem to have a lot of pain.  Addison has never really cried, even when he is hungry or hurt.  When he does cry it is typically like a newborn baby cry.  However, when we touch his ears or put drops in them he grabs at our hands and screams violently.  This took us by surprise because Brianna had no pain when she had this procedure done and it is not often associated with pain.  We trust that it will subside quickly and by next week he will be completely pain free.   

And for his hearing... we won't know for sure until March when he will go back to Children's for another hearing evaluation.  To be honest none of us notice any difference in his response.  However, prior to surgery we all felt he was more responsive to us than someone who couldn't hear anything.  He apparently was compensating for his hearing somehow.  So for now we will wait until March to find out where he stands.  And in the meantime, we are on to speech evaluation.  


  1. I'm glad to hear that drainage and tube placement were successful...little Addison has been on our hearts and in our prayers so much this week! We have to do drops in our Mackenzie's ears every six weeks for 3-5 days, and the ENT showed us a massage technique to use around her small ear to help encourage the fluid to pass through her small canal. Even so, we usually get about half the drops on her little ear. Also, the area around where the tubes go in is very raw, and it stings when the drops touch it. After a few days it usually passes, but once the ENT had to prescribe new drops for us, when the pain didn't go away for Mackenzie. Sorry he is sad with the drops! I will pray this passes quickly, and his hearing is much improved!

  2. So glad things went well. He looks so cute in his little gown. :) We'll be praying.

  3. I am so glad it went well. He is adorable! I could just kiss those cheeks all day.

  4. Glad all went well! What a cutie.