December 31, 2013

Baking Day

This is part of the batch of photos I uploaded but never got around to posting before Christmas.  

One of the things we love to do between Thanksgiving and Christmas is bake.  

No big news there.  Doesn't everyone?  In addition to baking for the neighbors, friends and our church family there are always fresh cookies waiting by the door for the post man, UPS guys, and anyone who finds themselves on our porch.  

The kids will about trip over each other racing for the door when they see a vehicle heading into our driveway.  

Carmella is a fun helper in the kitchen.  She more mashes her dough than rolls balls but she is a pro at lining them up on the tray.

And she had a blast with the sprinkles.  When she wasn't decorating cookies, she stacked the jars of decorating sugars and jimmies up to make a tower.
But, oops!  One time her tower fell over and there were chocolate decorations everywhere.  She diligently entertained herself for 30 minutes picking every single one up and putting it back in the jar.
But her favorite job of all was helping to ice the gingerbread men.  She slathered that icing on as if it was an Olympic event.
And she wasn't too shy with the blue paint, either.
I love working in the kitchen with the youngers... and the not so little ones, too.  
Every time we have a big cooking day I can't help but remember when it was just me and it took days to accomplish what we all do in just a few hours.
This is definitely one of the things God must have been referring to when He tells us children are a blessing.
Not only am I blessed by our time together, but countless people were blessed by the fruit of the work we are able to do together.

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