December 23, 2013


Addison is a seriously good cuddler.  Everywhere we go he is snatched up and snuggled into someone's arms.  This is definitely one of the awesome parts of down syndrome.  Most of our kids by this age wanted to get down and explore.  And Addison does enjoy time to get down and check out his world.  But he is just as content to snuggle in.  Every evening will find him being passed from person to person for some loving.  

Because everyone likes a cuddle with Addison.  I seriously never know where he might turn up.  One day I went to get Carmella up from her nap and there they were.  (I'm thinking they had some help with that one)
Another morning he will be in the boys room tucked under Nathaniel's chin.  And yet on another morning he might be here catching a few extra zzz's with Brianna.
I hope he doesn't give up his cuddling for a long time.  But we are making sure we take advantage of every minute we can get while it lasts.

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