January 14, 2014


The whole point of our trip to Michigan was to attend the wedding of our sweet friend, Julianne.  

Even though we have known her for much longer, it seems inadequate to say we attended Julianne's wedding.  The truth is since she and Brandon have been a couple, we have come to love him just as dearly.  And as is the case with any good couple brought together by God, it is no longer possible to see them as separate entities. 
The boys adore Brandon.  Not just because he took the time on his wedding day to bring them his favorite child hood car.  But they were really excited by that.  This guy is going to make one fabulous father.  

It was truly an honor to be a part of this momentous occasion.  Since Brandon and Julianne have been together, just about 15 months now, they have already grown into a strong team that seeks to glorify God in all that they do.  The intentional way they developed their relationship to make sure all they do is centered around God is such a blessing to this mama of many young people to soon be making their way to the marriage altar.  It can be done, even if it doesn't happen very often.

Disclaimer:  I have very few decent photos of this event.  You remember the camera that got dropped in the ocean and left in the thrift store?  Well, Allen decided it was time to retire it.  For our anniversary he gave me a beautiful new camera.  I made sure I had plenty of card space.  I packed the extra batteries.  I packed the battery charger.  And I was even learning some of the new settings.  And as we were leaving our hotel for the wedding I went to take a picture while juggling my umbrella and bag.  The camera went flying out of my hand and landed, lens side down, with a loud thug on the floor.  Now the lens won't operate.  Allen was very smart.  After the ocean thing, he took out an idiot proof warranty.  But I was still stuck without my camera for the remainder of the trip.

I did get a few photos of everyone dressed up before the old camera went kaput.
 This was Addison's first black tie event.  Kaitlin and A Stitch In Lives made sure all the fellow were outfitted properly.
A little grumping... it's impossible to find a formal dress suitable for nursing mothers.  I ended up settling on a nice blouse and this cut away style jacket, which I am in love with.  And speaking of love... I just love a man in a tuxedo.  Especially, when that man happens to be mine.

This was the most beautiful marriage ceremony we've ever attended.  It wasn't elaborate.  In fact, some may call it understated.  But the focus was so much on Christ.  It was clear to anyone in the church that day that this couple knew God brought them together and that it isn't for their own benefit.
For days Carmella kept saying she was going to see Julianne in her Princess dress.  But when Julianne called to Carmella to come to her, she took one look at Brandon and was afraid to go.  Brandon must have forgotten about the Swedish Fish trick!  But Sam was happy to step up in her place and discuss stretch Hummers with the groom.

There were lots of firsts on this trip.  Not the least being Elisabeth's and Carmella's first time staying with a babysitter who wasn't family, or like family.
When plans changed, literally at the last minute, we were so thankful for these two friends of the bride who jumped right in to stay with our little Princesses during the reception.  I was very nervous about what Carmella would do considering she is terrified of strangers.  But we've been working with her and we talked it up really big.  These veteran sitters showed up with arms full of toys and the night went off without a hitch.
Sunday morning they were excited to wake up to the favors and centerpieces Julianne sent from the reception.
 And speaking of the reception... The party was held at the Henry Ford and it was simply beautiful...
... and delicious

I was trying to get a photo of Addison and Sam and I think this face Henry made was absolutely hilarious.
 Well, that is better.  Speaking of Henry, he was the subject of many hugs, lots of talk and plenty of pinches.  At one point, the lovely bride made off with him.
 Okay, and our server.  Julianne, just so you know, the service was amazing.  Late in the evening, when I went to nurse Addison, Christina came to find me and brought me a glass of water and Emma (who was keeping me company) a piece of cake and a cup of coffee.  
 This photo has a pretty special story.  One of the first Henry Owls to be sold was for this little guys baby  shower.  His mother, Jess, was the Matron of Honor.  He made his way into the world 7 1/2 weeks ago  and his parents decided to name him Henry.  Kaitlin was excited to meet this little guy.
After two long days, by 10:00 that night
 we didn't have energy for much more than collapsing in the lobby while Allen brought the car around.
Poor Aedan looked like he was going to fall asleep before we even got to the car.  But doesn't he look handsome?

I leave you with many blessings for the newly weds.  We look forward to seeing what the future will hold for the two of you and those twelve kids!!!


  1. Great pics! can't believe how big Addison has grown. He is so adorable.

  2. I loved seeing these pictures. Julianne was a beautiful bride and I just love the picture of her holding Addison... so sweet!

  3. This is beautiful Kathleen! Love the pictures! You know how much it meant to us to have you there :) You and Allen have been such an example to us already and we are so grateful for your family's friendship...and that you were there to celebrate our special day with us!