December 22, 2013

Snow Days

I would hate to live in one of those places where the weather is always the same.  How boring!  Or even worse to live in one of those places where it never snows.  We had two pleasant snows before Christmas and the kids enjoyed every minute of it.  The boys built an igloo.  
Aedan always builds a snow man on my deck so I can see him when I wake up in the morning.  
Addison and I had a blast trying out the new sledding trail.  Well, I had fun and Addison tolerated it.
My favorite play mates in the world.  I can not imagine how boring life would be without this gang!
Carmella loves snow.  But she hates for it to touch her!  She will stare out the window in sheer delight for hours as it comes down.  She wants to be outside in her pink snow suit with everyone else.  She loves snow men and the sled.  But don't let the snow touch her boots!  We are definitely working on that.
Elisabeth's snow man.  After this fellow started to melt, Aedan felt so sad for Ellie he went outside (in his suit before church) and gathered up what was left to make another snowman for her.
The deck snowman a few days later when the temperature was in the 70s.
I know there are a lot of people who can't stand snow.  But I hope we have a good long snowy winter.

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