January 14, 2014

The Trip that almost wasn't

Last week we took a long weekend and headed to Michigan.  None of us had ever been to the Detroit area before so it was a new experience all around.  

I decided I would dub this trip the one that almost wasn't (about 10 times over) or the one when we had to trust God completely.  (Except we've had quite a few of those so maybe that isn't really a defining name).  This adventure started with weeks of trying to find a hotel with room enough for our family.  (Another post for another day).  It continued with an ice storm.  And got really exciting when a tractor trailer overturned on the interstate.  

Because our trip went over so many mountains we were watching the weather very carefully for weeks before we were to leave.  We finally made our non refundable hotel reservations on Tuesday because the forecast here, there and everywhere in between was great.  Wednesday still no precipitation in the forecast.  Thursday morning all looked well.  Thursday afternoon there started to be noise of bad weather.  And of course this is the one time the weather man called it exactly.  An ice storm came through Friday morning just about when we were supposed to leave.  We ended up delaying our departure until 10:00 when temperatures reached 33 and we were confident the mountain roads would be clear.  

Which made for a safe trip but wasn't really fun on the other side when we were feeding kids dinner and tucking them into bed around midnight.  But, it did turn out to be a wonderful blessing.  

A few hours into our journey a tractor trailer overturned, closing down the turnpike for several hours.  That's not the really good part.  Knowing that we would be sitting still in a major traffic jam for the long haul, Allen jumped off the turnpike for a cup of Starbucks. 

And *it just so happens* there was a truck driver standing in line ahead of us.  He asked if we had come off the turnpike and we affirmed that we had.  He kindly gave us a longer alternate route to hop around the mess of the accident and the traffic caused by the other people trying to bypass it.  He also alleviated our concerns by telling us those roads were clear from the ice when he had come through earlier.

So with coffee in hand we headed out on a more scenic route.  No clue what this is supposed to be but the kids thought it was noteworthy.
You just don't see Bison along the roadside very often... at least not where I come from.
It was uphill... and downhill... and uphill... and downhill... and... I was never more grateful for Dramamine!
Some of the roads barely seemed wide enough to accommodate our van
And then there was the fog... as thick as pea soup... 
Which makes me grateful for my hubby who is an excellent and confident driver.

But the country side was beautiful, especially with the snow.  We had one serendipitous stop (that deserves its own post) and within a couple of hours or so we were back on the interstate.
By midnight everyone was fed and happy tucked into their beds.
Fortunately for us, we love car trips.  We brushed up on our singing.  The boys spotted 31 license plates.  There were lots of books on CD.  I got work done on the sweater I am making.  Allen and the girls packed a great picnic, at least big enough to last us until Minnesota.  And before we even got to the point of the trip, we had a wonderful adventure.

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